Nokia E50: Compatible Business Phone

Nokia E50: Compatible Business Phone

Present mobile phones are evolving dramatically to appear as superb gadgets with exceptional capabilities. With the passage of time, the roles of mobile phones have also defined in a certain way because there are business phones, entertainment phones, video phones, and TV phones. additionally, there are many such phones, which are loaded with all these features and allow you analyze unlimited possibilities. Taking pride in its renowned E series, Nokia additional another feather in its cap by introducing the Nokia E50.

obtainable in trendy silver coloured casing, the Nokia E50 does look enticing. Loaded with a TFT 262k colour screen, which produces good images. Powered by S60 software and it also supports the Symbian Operating System OS 9.1, which is quite popular in business phones. As far as, its interface is concerned, nothing special has been contributed to make it better, as it really looks quite complicated.

Launched as a business phone, consequently, it becomes imperative for the Nokia E50 to have comprehensive business and communication features. To add more easiness in the usability, the Nokia E50 comes with various desk phone features including, handsfree speaker-phone, holding, and call forwarding. Besides, you can also communicate with your whole team via conference call or push to talk system. The Nokia E50 works on the Quad band GSM network, which keeps you connected across the five continents.

A business phone without compatible Internet connectivity would be anachronistic device in the present day scenario. consequently, the Nokia E50 supports sound Internet connectivity. Besides, it also supports various email clients comprising of BlackBerry Connect, Wireless Email, Altexia and Visto Mobile. As usual like other business phones, it also comes with Microsoft information, Excel attachments and PowerPoint with Adobe Reader and Zip Manager. You can also it as a modem with your personal computer. You can also proportion all the important notes either by sending by USB, Infra Red or Bluetooth. Undoubtedly, the Nokia E50 can help you to manage your business well.

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