New Book Provides Life Direction by Spiritual Revelation

New Book Provides Life Direction by Spiritual Revelation

Rev. Dr. Michael Gross’s new book The Spiritual Primer offers readers a fascinating look at how the universe operates, God’s role within the universe, and perhaps most importantly, their own purposes on earth.

Dr. Gross has spent years learning and teaching spiritual principles. One day, while in a thorough meditation, he came in contact with a being that revealed itself to him as “The True Source.” When Dr. Gross asked this being whether it was God, it explained that some people call it God, but it does not like that information because of how it has been misused by so many people. As a consequence, for the sake of clarity, Dr. Gross calls it “God, the True Source” throughout the book. In the book, Dr. Gross shares his many personal experiences in addition as information that God, the True Source has given him about how the universe operates. Dr. Gross is now offering this information to readers so they can reconnect with their spiritual natures to experience love, joy, happiness, and purpose in their lives.

The book is divided into three sections: Part I: The Twelve Spiritual Laws, Part II: Discovering Your Place in the Universe, and Part III: Questions and Answers. Also included is a bonus section of Important Affirmations to enhance Your Life.

The first section is filled with information necessary to understand how the universe works. It is divided into twelve chapters, one for each spiritual law. Among the laws included are the Law of Love, the Law of Manifestation, the Law of Karma, the Law of Non-Judgment, and the Law of Perfection. I found this complete section incredibly illuminating. While I had a good grasp on the Law of Love and the Law of Manifestation (also called the Law of allurement), I found that while I thought I knew what karma was, there was much about it I didn’t understand-chiefly that it is not about being punished for something bad we did, but rather, Dr. Gross explains how we make agreements before we come into this life to take on karmic debts so we can learn from them. I won’t go into detail here, but I think anyone who reads this book will come away understanding karma much better and also realizing just how well the universe works and how everything is in balance within it, so karma is truly a great blessing for us.

I found the Law of Perfection quite a surprising law, but it also made me better understand how the universe and everything within it evolves, continually expands, and continues to perfect itself. Dr. Gross illustrates this point in the following passage when the True Source encourages him to look at a rosebush that had been beautiful the year before but seemed already more beautiful now:

“That’s when I understood the definition of perfection. The rosebush believed itself to be perfect last year, and that thought of perfection in its energy fields caused it to become already more perfect this year. basically, perfection method ever-growing more perfect. In other words, we never unprotected to perfection because it is an current course of action. Something may seem perfect, but then ways are found to enhance upon it.”

The second section of the book explains specifically about what it method to be a human being within the universe. Dr. Gross describes how human life came to be on this planet and he explains how we have been “star-seeded,” agreeing to come to this planet to learn. A lot of this section is about past lives and reincarnation. He makes the point that it is not important whether you were a king, queen, or president in your past life because your past life’s experiences do not change what you came to accomplish in your current incarnation.

Dr. Gross also talks about the Great Gathering, which is an explanation of the different beings or “produced Resources” that exist, including guides and master guides, angels, archangels, and guardian angels. In the chapter on “Spiritual Partnering,” he explores how we make agreements in life to have relationships with different people and also to work with our guardian angels and other produced Resources to accomplish our missions in life. Dr. Gross goes into great detail in explaining the differences between twin souls, soulmates, spiritual spouses, and already made-in-heaven miracle mates.

Throughout these first two sections, Dr. Gross also offers meditation exercises, mantras, and scripts to use to bring about the changes in your life you seek. You can already learn how to find your own made-in-heaven miracle mate if you like.

The final section is composed of frequently asked questions that Dr. Gross receives and his/the True Source’s responses. I found this section just as fascinating as the others. Among the questions Dr. Gross answers are:

• What was Jesus’s purpose (mission and goal) on earth?

• Why is there so much fear on this planet?

• How do we learn what our karma is and how do we release our karmic debt?

• Why do we have to have karmic experiences if we have free will and free choice?

Many of the answers to these questions, and there are many more, have surprising answers. Before this section is over, you’ll know what the Akashic records are, learn how the Universal Band of Knowledge works, and also come to have a better understanding of good and evil.

I know some readers might be a bit skeptical at first about Dr. Gross’s ability to communicate with the True Source or about some of the information he provides. I let in to being an open-minded skeptic myself, but what Dr. Gross discloses in this book sounds logical and feels intuitively correct to me. While people may not agree with everything in these pages, I have no doubt that if they open themselves to the book’s message, they will come away enriched, with a deeper understanding of life and their purposes on this planet, and a strategy for how to create advantageous changes in their lives. I hope you will give this book a chance; your soul deserves it.

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