Need an NBA Hero? Try These Three Out

Need an NBA Hero? Try These Three Out

The NBA seems to get a bad reputation involving the players and bad press in the league. While there are plenty of good guys, I want to look at these three particularly.

Indiana Pacers – TJ Ford – Almost as soon as the quick point guard entered the league, he produced the TJ Ford Foundation to help give back to the community. After experiencing a horrific spinal injury (taking more than a year from his career), he has fought adversity to come back and be a substantial contributor for the Pacers.

Milwaukee Bucks – Michael Redd – The smooth lefty slipped into the second round after leaving early from Ohio State. Not known as a great shooter in college, he has perfected his shot and sculpted his body to make himself a premier NBA player. His hard work earned him a huge contract with the Milwaukee Bucks and a identify on the 2008 USA Olympic Team. After signing that contract, he bought a church building for his father’s ministry in his hometown of Columbus.

Phoenix Suns – Grant Hill – After a stellar career at Duke, Hill burst onto the NBA scene and became a star. After signing with Orlando in 2000, things began to go downhill. Injuries plagued him for the next several years, before having a revival of sorts lately. His perseverance over ankle problems, a staph infection and a sports hernia shows how dedicated he was to being healthy once again. Off the court, he is the only player to receive the NBA Sportsmanship Award twice (2005 and 2008). While continually working in the community, he has also become an advocate for awareness and prevention of staph infections, already appearing in public service announcements for the cause.

So as you can tell, this is just a small sample size of positive role models in the NBA. If the media would stress the good a lot of them do, maybe the reputation of the league could change.

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