My Most Prized Possession

My Most Prized Possession

What indeed is our most valued possession? Could it be our material wealth? Could it strength or prestige? A prized possession is something, that method so much to us more than anything else that we own.

It could be our knowledge, prestige or position in the society. But which is which?

I’m not the kind of person that loves possessions. I am not a materialistic person. I don’t have a lot of things or buy a lot of stuff. But allow me to proportion with you my most prized possessions: my adorable and loving kids.

I may without material wealth in life but my kids fill that emptiness because of the unconditional love they give me. Whenever I am tired, they are always there to relax me. Every time I am sad, they are always there to comfort me. already if I want to cry, my kids’ endless laughter and innocent smiles give me the courage to keep moving on.

I may have nothing but I won’t exchange my kids to any expensive jewels on earth. I maybe experiencing and sacrificing at the moment but for the sake of my kids, its worth it. I know that it sounds cliche, but I have to say it because my love for them is unlimited, thorough and endless.

Nothing in this world could surpass the love I have for my kids.

Some people would prefer material wealth, strength and prestige as their most prized possession. But for me, my kids make me perpetually happy. Although character protection rights wouldn’t cover my rarest valuables but they permit me to analyze the world and have a broader horizon. Because of them I am able to conquer my past. Because of them, I am stronger and a better person. Because of them, I work hard to give them a bright future. Because of them, I am contented in life.

Life may not be that perfect because of the setbacks that we have. But when we feel that we have reasons to strive hard, problems are just nothing. The greater the problems we have, the more reasons for us to struggle and survive anything. Our inspiration will keep us on heading forward at all event shortcomings we meet along the way.

So, why go for material things as our most prized possessions when they are just permanent? We go for things that are long-lasting like LOVE. Unfathomable! Endless! Forever!

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