My husband and five-month-old son were killed by a Russian bomb

My husband and five-month-old son were killed by a Russian bomb

A HEARTBROKEN mum has spoken of her devastation at losing her husband and five-month-old son in a Russian blast, declaring: “My heart is broken. Now I want justice.”

Oleksandra Korosteleva, 26, husband Nikolay and their family were hit by a second explosion while shielding from one minutes earlier.


Oleksandra Korosteleva, 26, husband Nikolay and son Misha were hit by a Russian blast in Kharkiv


Oleksandra is desperate for justice

Nikolay was cradling little Misha when they perished — among eight dead and 17 wounded in Kharkiv.

Salon worker Oleksandra must now raise son Nikita, seven, alone.

She told The Sun: “There was a blast nearby. My husband came to make sure I was OK and brought Misha.

“I carried on but five minutes later there was another blast and everything collapsed.

“I got up to find my baby and husband but the building was falling apart.

“When I found him he was nevertheless breathing.

“I tried everything I could to keep him alive. He died in my arms.”

“I was shouting ‘Where’s my baby?’ Two men helped but there was nevertheless shelling. It was hell.

“Medics took me to hospital and said another team would find my baby.”

Tragically Misha was found on a roof.

Oleksandra said her doctor had identical shoes to her husband’s and someone else was wearing a similar shirt, adding: “I was so confused.”

She is now giving evidence of the shelling to a war crimes team.

She additional: “I want justice. Nikolay had been happy for the first time in a long time. He recently lost his father to a heart attack plus other family.

“Then we completed our family and he stopped crying. We were all happy. We had the perfect life. Then this happened.

“My baby, husband and other child were my world. Now I only have one left. I’m heartbroken.”

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