Mind Conditioning and Evolution

Mind Conditioning and Evolution

Do people grow up and blossom? Or are they brought up by somebody else? The general expression is -“I was brought up.”- Especially in the Americas and European continent where we often hear people saying: “I was brought up Christian” or “I was brought up Jewish”, these are very shared words and ways that we use to define ourselves, but I think it’s absolutely ridiculous and humiliating that a human being has to be brought up. You can bring up cattle but not a person. A human being is supposed to blossom by his own character, that is why we are on the top of the pile, at the minimum, on this planet and in evolutionary extent, and most people don’t seem to understand that, or they are not allowed to understand by a whole lot of people; so they need to be “brought up”.

Bringing up method that somebody is molding you, and molding method that it’s a predetermined shape.

No flower that blooms is the same way as another flower which blossomed yesterday. If we apply a mold in the same example of the flowers, it method that it’s always going to be the same form of the flower, over and over again. Right now, that seems to be the same mold technique we generally and unfortunately used in the current education system, the so-called religions that are operating in the world, and of course, the family we have grown on. They all want you to be in a certain mold; they don’t want you to blossom like a wildflower. Because they’re afraid of anything fresh happening among them, they want something molded and familiar to them, being different or unfamiliar will cause a lot of discomfort among those groups. If you have succumbed to that system, then yes, you’ve been molded into a certain form, but if you allow your humanity to blossom you will see, that you don’t belong to any mold.

The beauty of being human is that there’s no particular way to be: If you were a cat, you would be in one way, if you were a bird, you are going to be in another way, but to be human there is no particular way to be. What is human is not defined, nor described; it seems like character drew two lines, for every other creature on this planet; within that two lines, creatures have to play their role. But for us humans, only the bottom line it’s drawn, there is no top line; socially, people are trying to draw a top line for themselves, but character has not drawn a top line for any of us. The possibilities are limitless, and this is exactly what is freaking us, humans, right now, because we can’t decide what we are going to be, as consequence of that, we are regularly trying to be like somebody else or fake our way of being. Only the bottom line is set, for our continued evolution.

Evolution is such an recondite concept nowadays, but we nevertheless understand that there is more than one way to evolve as human beings, could be consciously or unconsciously. To be more playful on this topic I’m going to ask you a question. In your experience of life, do you find all human beings at the same level of evolution?

I asked without prejudice, but with all the respect to every human being, there’re many people who could feel more complete with a tail, horns or sharp claws because they are always trying to find a way to fight one another for the foolish things in the world. You can go out and excursion on the street to see what I am talking about; Traffic is such a mess but is messier in other parts of the world. Driving in the Dominican Republic (where I am from) is probably the most challenging thing, I’ve seen people driving their dream cars on emotional edge for the smallest things, and they are in so much rage; already in other countries where the traffic is far more disciplined. I see the same rage, in every second somebody, is getting in your way where I live. Is like people are regularly trying to test their horoscope; if their astrologer has told them -You will live for eighty years- they will test they lifespan by driving like crazy.

People who are in such a state of rage probably are going to evolve over time and character will give those claws and horns, because it would be more appropriate for their state of mind and emotions. When you see this kind of people you feel like they truly want to claw somebody, but they don’t have the claws to do so. Their evolutionary course of action should be that one day they get the claws. The examples go on and on for the different kind of people, but you probably understand my sarcasm at this point.

We all humans aren’t in the same level of evolution already though we are doing the same things as other creatures: we are born, we eat, sleep, copy and die just like any other creature in this planet. The one thing we can do differently is to conduct all these very simple aspects of life, consciously; from the moment you are awake till the moment you fall asleep, how many thoughts, emotions, and actions you conduct consciously? This will determine the state of your evolution right now.

If you can conduct those things mentioned consciously, I am pretty sure that you will do it in a certain way. If you take matters compulsively, you will look like any other creature on this planet. We only seem to be at the peak of evolution when we do things consciously, not otherwise. You have enough awareness and consciousness to evolve consciously. When we were like monkeys in the past, we couldn’t decide “I’ll become a human being.” Cause character was the one who pushed us. But now we are conscious enough to decide “I want to evolve from where I am to at any rate is possible.”

We must pay attention to everything around us nowadays because modern society is experiencing from an attention deficiency syndrome caused by people’s idea of education. Most people believe that education is information, but the whole idea of the human education system has become to heaping you with information; the more information you heap upon any mind, the more that mind will develop an aversion to attention. Because without knowing anything, information gives you a false feeling of knowing everything and this is becoming a fact nowadays. for example:

If somebody invited you for a dinner party, you can Google out information about the hundred billion galaxies out there in space; they’ve all been numbered and named, and you see that the galaxy 5337BZ is going to collide with another galaxy (You know this because those were the first two sentences to appear when you Google it) and you go to the dinner party. Whoever talks to you or say “how are you?” you can say something like “hey! do you know about the galaxy 5337BZ that is a trillion light years away?” and you talk about it, making people believe that you’re smart.

This is the whole problem with our world right now. We are mistaking information for intelligence. Anybody who wants to navigate by any situation needs intelligence, not just information, cause the info is just a useful tool on the side that helps you to navigate by a particular situation in a rare way.

Once you fill yourself with too much information, attention becomes a serious problem. You lose the ability to keep up your attention and also the ability to access your intelligence. You just churn out the information from memory.

You probably heard the story of Andrew Carnegie. When he started his enterprise in a short amount of time he became so super successful and made so much money that the U.S government suspected that he was doing some malpractice. They set up a Senate investigation committee and they questioned him in every way possible and found nothing wrong with his business; they became desperate and asked, -“How do you manage to make so much money and be so successful?-” Carnegie response was very simple. he said: -“My secret is that I can keep my mind focused on something for five straight minutes.”- All the senators start to look at themselves and asked -“What the deal is with focused the attention for five minutes?”- and they start to experiment among themselves; they couldn’t keep it their attention on anything for more than a few seconds and Carnegie said -“You should not be running the United States.”-

When we were kids we usually make a lot of races to see who can run faster. But allow me to play a little with those memories of your running days. If you have to participate in a race with your friends and I attach you three legs, you will run slower; but with just two legs you would run faster, right? this is the same thing happening with information, you attach something that is not yours to your memory and identifies yourself with it. The more you do that, the less effective you become.

If you pick up a teenager with the internet, he will probably know the name of the galaxy we used in the example but is not good for him, because that is not knowledge, it doesn’t have any usefulness more than just boastfulness. We, humans, need to realize that we do not know already a speck in the universe properly, not already an atom, the moment you believe “I know this” you cannot pay attention. The arrogance of information will bring you attention deficiency.

You probably notice that the more educated people begin to be, the more affluent people become. They cannot wait, because patience happens to be scarcer, but people who don’t think much of themselves live very differently, for example:

If you ask a villager to come, sit and wait. He’ll simply sit there and wait the whole day. But if you ask an educated man to do the same thing, he will look at his watch 20 times in a minute because he cannot wait, he doesn’t have patience as consequence of his brain thinking too much of himself.

I hope you understand the proportion of who you are in this existence cause If you don’t is going to be hard for you to understand that sometimes in life there is no other way than just wait. When I say proportion I was referring to the comparison of our speck of existence to the infinite size of the cosmos. So if you have the desire of evolving, blossom and unprotected to great things in this life you must have the patience to learn how your ecosystem is shaping you and how to break the mold you and society have to build around your true character as a human being.

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