Mass. state trooper seriously injured when tractor-trailer hits cruise…


The trooper was in an unmarked means, protecting a road construction crew, when he was hit Tuesday night.

The trooper called for help and was conscious but suffered serious injuries in the crash. Massachusetts State Police

A Massachusetts State Police trooper was badly injured when a tractor-trailer hit his cruiser on Route 128 late Tuesday evening. The trooper was sitting in his cruiser monitoring a road construction crew along Route 128 in Weston when he was hit, WCVB reported. 

The trooper called in for help himself and was conscious, but suffered serious injuries, according to a tweet by Massachusetts State Police. He was transported to a hospital in Boston.

State police told WCVB that the trooper was sitting in an unmarked cruiser with emergency lights flashing while on the scene. 

“Protecting highway road construction setups is a dangerous and vital duty performed nightly by Troopers,” Massachusetts State Police tweeted. 

Route 128 South was closed for several hours following the crash — which had caused the tractor trailer to jackknife — but has since reopened, according to WCVB. 

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