Making the Right Acquisition – The Options

Buying a business in the US is a popular choice to take. If you have dreamed of running your own business and have the method and/or the money, then this is the ideal scenario for work. The one thing to observe though, is that there is an awful lot of choices out there. It’s not a simple matter of buying a business at the break of your fingers – there are many options at your fingertips.

What makes the acquisition work is when you know what you’re buying. The right kind of business method that your business can prosper. So let’s look at the shared types of business around:


A shared option today is to buy into a franchise. The benefits of this are twofold. You are allowed to run your own business but with the sustain, help and backup from the franchisor. The other meaningful assistance is that the franchise is tried and tested – you will be working to a proven system, meaning that customers will want to be with a business that has a credible, proven history. All of that combined knowledge, publicity, management, experience and buying strength method that a franchise is a very safe bet.

The problem is though, that if you want a lot of creative input, with ideas and plans to take the business in a new direction, then a franchise may not be for you. You don’t automatically have the right to implement any of these, since it is up to the franchisor – and likewise, you will have limited control over price, products and production.

You should consider the following questions before you proceed:

* Are the franchises in your area performing well and are they bringing in good profits?

* Is the franchise that you want to work for well-known?

* How many competitors are there in your area?

* What rules, restrictions and conditions are imposed by the franchisor?

A good port of call for franchising in Britain is the British Franchise Association (or the bfa).

Failing Business

It many not seem like a good idea initially. Who wants to be part of a business that has hit the slippery slope?

But in fact, buying a business at a bargain price and then turning it around does have some merit. Perhaps the business failed for a reason – whether it was bad business decisions, inexperience, or already without of vision. If you can identify any possible opportunities to grow that business and also have the method to unprotected to this, then the possibilities are endless. Likewise, you may have a large number of new products at your disposal to sell in the before failed business. It’s a perfect opportunity to start again with a clean slate for this ailing business and to get it back into shape.

Strategic Acquisition

It may be the case that you already own a business – the next move is to buy another. This would be a good strategic move. Let’s say that you are a magazine publisher and with one successful title under your belt, you want to buy another one from another publisher.

Buying a business can open new doors for you. You can go into a new market with your established skill; you can enlarge your product range; and you can increase your operational efficiencies. It’s the perfect way in which to excursion rapid growth and generate revenue that was before not possible in your business.

The other assistance of this is that you will have access to more resources that can help you progress your business already more. You may get new staff, new technology, new business processes and also the rights to products that may build on what you have established and cement your reputation. Your current employees may also be able to learn new skills and capabilities.

The only information of caution is to make sure that you don’t move too fast. Expansion is the name of the game for any good business, but buying too many businesses at once may consequence in potentially worrying finances, and a situation where you may be doing too many things at once. And in the nevertheless shaky economic climate, it’s nevertheless wise to buy one business at a time – that way, you can allow for the business to grow at a natural but steady speed.

Acquiring Your Competition

If the competition is proving to be a thorn in your side, if you have the method and resources, why not consider acquiring it?

Buying the competition can average a pooling of resources. This way, you will be able to increase your buying strength, which in turn, will average cost savings and operational efficiencies. You can also diversify your product range, which will potentially attract more customers, and this way, it opens new doors. Merging the competition method that you have one giant leader in the sector that you are in – that way, you are streets ahead of any other competitors.

Management Buyout

So suppose you already work for a company – but you think to yourself, this business could be really going places if I was in charge…

A management buyout method that if you were to join forces with the rest of the management team, it is possible to buy the owner out. Now, this has several advantages. For one thing, you already know the industry inside-out. You also have knowledge of any possible risks and problems within the business. And you also have already forged relationships with customers, clients and suppliers, who will trust you and respect you.

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