Major Changes – How to Switch Your College Academic Concentration

Major Changes – How to Switch Your College Academic Concentration

There comes a time for many college students when they find themselves dissatisfied with their dominant course of study. Though they were very sure about it upon selecting a major, later they determined it might not be the best path. Before losing all enthusiasm for studies, people in this situation should consider changing their major. Having before declared a college major, this is not a decision that should be made lightly, and consequently merits thoughtful evaluation of chief issues.

* Is it really your major that is the problem?

College can be stressful for already the best students. Turmoil with relationships and friends, in addition to a new level of academic expectations, can cause many problems, especially for freshman. Before considering a change of your major, examine every aspect of your new life carefully and be sure you are making a switch is the right thing. Consult an advisor at your college; they are often trained and willing to talk about more than only academics. Consider whether there are just a few classes giving you trouble, not the complete major. Lastly, allow a bit more time to go by, just to make sure your decision is firm.

* Select a new major carefully.

When changing your major, try to avoid at any rate it was that made you determined to drop the last one. Unless you are absolutely certain, don’t pick a new major that is completely different from your last one or from the areas of study that you know well. Weigh the pros and cons of each major, and remember that college is supposed to prepare you for a career. Can you see yourself doing this for decades or already the rest of your life?

* Verify you can meet the requirements and finish on time.

Several majors have varying requirements and prerequisites that you may not be able to satisfy. Sometimes you must fill an application, much like your original college application, to go into a new major. Your grades will almost definitely be a factor here, so don’t let your current grades slip just because you are thinking about changing since they nevertheless impact your GPA.

Also, shifting your major may extend the time you need to complete your college career. If a new major has several required classes that don’t include most of those you have already completed, then you may need to take a associate additional semesters to catch up. If you need to do so, make sure you can provide the additional college time and expense.

College is a meaningful time of learning and change. Few students truly come in knowing exactly what they want, and it is your right as a student to change your mind. As long as you take careful consideration and make good decisions, your change of majors will likely turn out to be for the better.

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