Lessons From Sherlock Holmes – Rise High in Your Profession

There are nevertheless many more lessons that we can learn from Sherlock Holmes as we attempt to work in our jobs and professions and improvement in them. You will find gems distributed throughout the pages of the Sherlock Holmes stories and novels that can guide you to reach the heights..

Here is one:

Get acquainted with all fields of knowledge that have a bearing on your profession. You do not need to have all the facts at your finger tips but you need to know where to go in order to find them.

For example in the story of The Five Orange Pips when the client of Holmes came to him with his problem then it seemed to be a completely insoluble one. However Holmes knew what facts were applicable and also knew where to go in order to get them. By consulting some reference works he was able to get all the facts necessary and was then able to apply his skills of deductive reasoning and form an opinion about the case.

Allied to this we also learn about Sherlock Holmes’ early struggles. As He tells Watson there was a time when he was first starting out that he hardly had any situations. Some situations were referred to him courtesy his old college friends as he had already demonstrated his skills to his college mates while he was studying. He had also decided at that time to become a consulting detective.

So here was Holmes just entering upon his practice but without a reputation and very few situations. What did he do with his spare time. He spent it, Holmes said, in studying all the branches of knowledge that may prove to be useful to him in his chosen profession. And this, no doubt, in addition to filling his hours constructively, helped him attained the skills and the skill that proved so useful to him later in solving his situations.

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