Legal Outsourcing to Israel Is Professionally Wise and Economically So…

While Israel does not offer the same savings as India or the Philippines, Israel offers much more: the same high quality work product from the United States at meaningful savings. With more U.S. educated and U.S. licensed attorneys moving to Israel every year it has become professionally wise and economically sound to outsource to Israel your legal sets.

Five Reasons to Outsource Overseas

1. Administrative costs, office space and utility expenses are much less overseas.

2. Small businesses or start-ups can enjoy complete staff without the complete overhead.

3. Payroll expenses are reduces significantly. Social Security, Medicare, medical insurance, sick and vacation add up to 30% to in-house salaries. These costs disappear when you outsource to Israel.

4. When facing a one-time application or business project, outsource it. Why revamp your operations for a one-time job when you can send it overseas and reap the benefits.

5. When you outsource administrative responsibilities and “chore” jobs, you permit your in-house staff to focus on chief roles such as meeting clients, appearing court and substantive legal research, writing and strategizing.

Seven Reasons to Outsource to Israel

1. Israel possesses a basic mass of English speakers from the mass of recent immigrants from the US. These English speaking Israelis are also fully knowledgeable in American culture. In addition, many native born Israelis speak English fluently because it is mandatory in Israeli schools.

2. The Israeli legal system is compatible to the US system. Since both the US and Israeli legal systems come from England, they are similar.

3. Israel is one of the top entrepreneurial countries. High-Tech startups are always emerging in Israel.

4. The Israeli workforce is one of the most educated, talented and technology proficient in the world. Israel has the highest ratio worldwide of engineers in the workforce.

5. Outsourcing to Israel yields competitive prices when compared to US companies.

6. History of successful business partnerships with US companies.

7. Israel is a western leaning nation with a cultural connection to the US. Many Israelis are educated and earn specialized certifications and degrees in the US.

While much of the world has been crippled by the worldwide economic crisis, Israel suffered a fleeting recession and moved onward. Israel possesses an Information Technology sets market valued at $1.6 billion and analysts predict growth to $2 billion by 2014.

Israel was rated by AT Kearney, a consulting firm, as one of the most attractive places for outsourcing.

When outsourcing was beginning to expansion in 2006, the Boston Globe reported:

“[Israel] differentiates itself from India and the Far East by offering a great pool of highly-educated workers who are native English speakers and proportion a cultural affinity with the West. Israel is in a rare position due to hundreds of thousands of immigrants from around the world. This is where Israel has its competitive edge. They are able to cut costs without compromising on quality.”

Such words are truer today than in 2006 as immigration from America has increased in recent years.

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