Learn to Ride a Motorcycle – Wind, Rain, Weather, a Fog Bank, and the …

Early morning temperature inversions permit any body of water to release excessive moisture. On a morning ride in river country, the air feels cool in addition clinging wet interspersed with wisps of layered fog. These wisps increased when passing the last low point over the river just before ascending toward a plateau. 

Ghostly shaped wisp shimmer in the morning sun as passing vehicles create currents of air pulling the mist in alternate directions. This is a peaceful and beautiful part of the day. The serenity ends without warning when you find, The Wall. 

The Wall

Without warning a substantial wall of thick and motionless fog stretches across all lanes. The sunlight, which moments earlier played by ghostly layers of mist, becomes a silver disk. Moving upward on a mountain will often allow fog to thin, but not this time. The higher, the denser the cloud as the sun vanished and little by little a feeling of loneliness descends. 

The taillights of the truck ahead, disappeared shortly after entering the fog. You are alone, closest reducing speed to compensate for the limited visibility. Aware suddenly of the disoriented sensations, you to peek briefly down at the tank to reorient yourself and then safety concerns start to surface. No sounds reach your ears except the muted wind noise in your helmet.

There is fear in this ecosystem. The thoughts of a careless driver climbing your back nags at your mind as you peer haplessly into the shroud. The shoulder of the road is thin and provides no greater protection than staying on the road and moving in the proper direction. 

Dew droplets forming on the windscreen increasingly blow onto the visor of your helmet. Lateral blown dew persist creating damp feet as moisture seeps into your boots. Soon boots and gloves are dripping as if riding in a heavy rain. 

You try to keep the car ahead in sight but it is hard. The mind races, blinker lights are turned on, all lights are on, speed attempts to match the one car you can see. You to peek briefly over your shoulder to see if anything is visible behind you. Nothing appears; when you to peek briefly forward again, the car is gone. closest you cover the brakes, which came uncovered when you turned to look backward. The lights ahead reappear as you feel the bike move by a small gully. 

It is a small moment of relief. Then the doubt, fear, concerns, and nags return to your consciousness, what to do?

The Solution

For those who have found themselves in a position such as presented above it is a lonely time. Usually many solutions run by your mind as places of sanctuary but usually those just are not in reach. You have to know all possible options to keep you safe and not extend the possible for harm. In this case not being there in the first place is the place to start.

In piloting an airplane, a careful check of weather conditions now, during the flight and at the destination must be included in your flight planning. It is one of the most important segments of any cross-country flight. In riding a motorcycle, having a grasp of weather conditions is equally important. Do not ride into danger due to not knowing the danger exist.  Finding your way out can best serve by not getting there in the first place.  

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