Learn More About Web Hosting – Part 3

Learn More About Web Hosting – Part 3

Are you confused about web hosting. If you don’t understand the terms used on web hosting sites then these descriptions of terms will help in part 3 of this series.

FTP Account:

FTP stands for “File move Protocol” and is a term used to describe the move of files to your server. In order for you to have a website on the internet, you need a series of files that make up your website and unless you are using a website builder, you will need to upload files from your computer, on to the server you have paid for.

To move files to your server you will need an “FTP Client” such as my favourite software called “FileZilla”, if you search on Google you will find this. In order to access your server, you will need the ftp server address, username and password of your hosting account. You can find these in the welcome email that will be sent to your after buy of your hosting, or can be accessed within your control panel.

Once you have connected, you will see several windows in FileZilla that characterize the files on your personal computer, just browse by the files to find your website and then right click and press upload. Ensure that you don’t upload you website inside of a file, you must upload the several files directly inside the public_html folder found on your server, this will then allow your domain to access the files and characterize your website correctly.

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