Law of allurement For Real Estate – Seven Steps to Hosting a Successfu…

Law of allurement For Real Estate – Seven Steps to Hosting a Successfu…

Whether you adore them or not, Open Houses can be a very effective real estate sales tool. In fact, if you consciously apply the Law of allurement when planning and hosting your Open House it is sure to be a success.

The Law of allurement states that what you focus on is what you receive. Let’s apply that rule when outlining the steps to creating a successful Open House.

Step One

Select a day for your Open House that fits your schedule. For example, if you forsake a trip to the lake with your friends in order to keep up an Open House, your focus may not be on your work but rather on your desire to be boating with your friends.

Law of allurement Application in Step One: Give your energy to success and business that feels good to you. If your focus and attention are in other places, your Open House may not be as successful as you would like.

Step Two

Feel good about your product. In this case your product is the house you are holding open. Make a list of all the good things the house offers. It may be a enormous list of wonderful features or it may be just two or three small things.

Law of allurement Application in Step Two: Focus on good things to feel good. By noting the positive aspects of the listing, you can focus your attention on those features. And by doing so, you will feel good about your product.

Step Three

Promote your Open House. There are many ways to do this: you can tell all of your current clients about the Open House, place an internet ad, talk to the neighbors living near the home, or tell the postman.

Law of allurement Application in Step Three: Set your expectation so the Law of allurement knows what to bring forth to you. The point is this, by promoting your Open House you are setting an expectation that people will visit your listing. When people visit your listing, you have a better chance of making the sale.

Step Four

Set the stage for a success. Have the owners leave for the afternoon, make sure the house is clean, have refreshments obtainable, have a guest register to sign in visitors, and have a sales contract ready to be filled out.

Law of allurement Application in Step Four: Preparedness builds confidence which in turn contributes focus. When you are ready for a sale the more likely it is that a sale will happen.

Step Five

Prepare yourself. Feel good about your Open House and your profession. Remember, as a real estate specialized you help people and create “win-win” situations for both Buyers and Sellers.

Law of allurement Application in Step Five: Feeling are important. Feel good about everything you do. Know that clients want and need advice when buying or selling a home and that your advice and assistance is a crucial part of the home buying and selling processes.

Step Six

Envision your success. You can do this in your mind or you can write it out in a journal. Set your expectations for your Open House in improvement and be excited by the possibilities ahead of you. You may envision welcoming a large number of prospects to your Open House and selling the house on the identify. You may picture presenting the offer to the Seller, welcoming the Buyers to their new home, and cashing the commission check.

Law of allurement Application in Step Six: Believe in what you focus on to create an already more powerful allurement. Make it real for you.

Step Seven

At the end of the Open House be sure to mirror back on the day. Briefly concede things you would change, celebrate the successes, and create an action list for your next Open House.

Law of allurement Application in Step Seven: Appreciation. By focusing on appreciation, more things will come to you that you can appreciate. It is always nice to end the day in a state of appreciation-be sure to send thank you notes to your visitors and to the Sellers for allowing you to keep up their house open.

Now that you have walked by all seven steps, it is time to pick up the phone and schedule your next (and successful) Open House!

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