Labor Day Events in the Phoenix Area

Labor Day Events in the Phoenix Area

If there is one thing everyone looks forward to about Labor Day it is that fact that they get a day off. This goes for everyone from the littlest of children going to elementary school to their parents with their careers. This opens up a three day weekend for the whole family. Many people throw parties and barbecues to celebrate. Cities also have different events going out throughout the whole weekend. Phoenix is no different when it comes to fun activities for you and your family to do all weekend. This article will list and detail some of the different events being thrown throughout the complete Labor Day weekend.

Starting with Friday, you can make sure your weekend begins with a bang, literally. The Litchfield Park Lights Up Labor Day event starts with food, shows, and activities for the whole family. Then, at nine thirty, the fireworks start. This is because their normal Fourth of July celebration had to be cancelled due to a monsoon storm. They decided to reschedule the whole events for Labor Day. This is the perfect start to a fun weekend for everyone in the family.

Saturday is also where you can find a associate of events. The annual Phoenix Fear Film Festival is held on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. There will be screening of different horror and scary movies throughout the day. If you are a big fan of these types of films, this event is for you because there will be a question and answer time after the showing of each of film by the cast and crew. Also on Saturday is the annual Phoenix Cooks! event. This showcases over thirty of Phoenix’s top chefs. There will be cooking displays, classes and tastings at this event. You can also go into a raffle to win some great cooking supplies or sample some of the best wines from Australia.

Sunday is where the real fun begins. There is a plethora of events to choose from on this day. If you have always wanted to go to Hawaii, but never made it, or if you have gone and want to bring back those memories, then the Hawaiian Luau at Harolds Coral is the place where you want to be. You can enjoy both the buffet and the live reggae music, all with the shows of real hula dancers. There is also a very powerful demonstration on Sunday featuring art and poetry from various children in foster care. This event is presented by the Childrens Action Alliance and is sure to tug on the heartstrings of anyone who goes.

One thing that people always do throughout the whole weekend is go tubing down the Salt River. This is probably because the Salt River closes after Labor Day weekend. You can bring your friends and family, pack a lunch and relax as long as you want down the river. This is a relaxing and fun experience and you will be sure to remember it.

at all event you are doing this Labor Day weekend, make sure you have a ton of fun. This is your day off because you work so hard the rest of the year.

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