Keeping Termite Treatment Costs Low When There Are Signs Of Termites I…

Keeping Termite Treatment Costs Low When There Are Signs Of Termites I…

Because termite treatment cost can vary considerably, it is important to be aware of the signs of termites since the earlier the infestation is caught, the cheaper it will be to take care of. It is not as difficult as one would think for an average homeowner to be able to look for indications of termites. In addition, a homeowner can have a general idea of how much it will cost to treat his home.

There are two types of termites. The first kind is mostly found in coastal regions and is called the dry wood variety. As the name would suggest, they like to ingest dry wood from houses, fences and already old trees. The most obvious evidence of these is the small fecal pellets shaped like little grains of wood that they leave behind by the wood they are eating. Inside a house, these can many times be found on wooden windowsills and beside fractures and other openings in woodwork.

The other variety of termites is called subterranean and they are found throughout the United States but especially in the moister southeastern climate. The major sign of these insects in one’s house is the mud tunnels that they leave behind as they crawl to the source of wood. The tunnels are not much wider than a pencil. The tunnels are often found in unfinished spaces of a house such as in the basement or in an attic. However, much of the damage cannot already be seen on the surface. The large white swarms in which they fly during the spring and autumn or by the wings, they discarded during this time can also clarify the subterranean termites.

Termite treatment cost can vary widely based on many factors including what kind of termite is involved, the size of the house or area needing to be treated and how much damage has already occurred. A typical way for treating is placing pipes around and under the foundation of the infested structure and running insecticide by the pipes. Another method is called termite baiting which avoids the unhealthy aspects of using insecticides. The cost for these methods can run anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. One can get a rough calculate by calculating the number of feet around the foundation of his house and by multiplying that by four to seven dollars. Once a termite infestation is treated, it is crucial to make a bond with the exterminators to come back yearly and check for any new termite problems. This bond can keep down future costs of treatment by catching the problem early.

There are many problems a homeowner can confront, but not many of them go unnoticed for as long as a termite infestation may. Knowing the signs of termites is a good place to start in solving the problem, and being aware of what can affect the termite treatment cost is basic.

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