Keep In Touch Using Internet Conferencing

Keep In Touch Using Internet Conferencing

In this day and age when so much is obtainable on the internet it’s amazing that anyone nevertheless opts to pay over the odds for something that they could get far cheaper or already free online. Voice calls, video calls and conference calling can all be done over the internet and in many situations at no cost; in addition a meaningful amount of computer owners with internet access nevertheless revert to using costly phones for their voice communications.

But, it’s not just a cost issue. For example, have you ever tried to organise a conference call using traditional telephones? It’s such a major logistical exercise that it’s easier not to bother. You have to pre-book your slot and it costs money. Granted, for some of the participants who subscribe to premium telephone calling plans there is no charge but others will be charged at the prevailing local rate.

In addition, before you can use the pre-booked slot all participants have to read by an email, in which the phone company always tries to sell you add-on sets, just to find the access codes needed to join the conference.

As a consequence, it is much easier – and cheaper – to use an online VOIP service. With most major providers you simply click on contacts you wish to invite to the conference call and they join in if they want to – it’s as easy as that! Up to 10 people can join in and if you need to include someone who does not have a user-id for the service you are using you can nevertheless call their landline number at considerably lower rates than landline costs to invite them to join. That also applies if you wish to invite mobile phone users to the conference.

The conference calls characterize is also a godsend for small and medium sized businesses with offices in several different locations. Call quality is the same wherever you live, it makes no difference whether everyone in the conference call resides in the same street or on opposite sides of the world.

Charities, for whom every penny spent on running costs method one less for their cause, are also avid users of internet call conferencing. For example, the trustees of Festival Medical sets, who provide emergency medical cover at music festivals with volunteers drawn from the medical profession, use online conferencing to keep abreast of the charity’s management issues. It is a vital cost-effective communication tool for the South-West based charity and it allows them to use considerably less on telephony charges than they did in the past, meaning they can use more of their money on charitable causes.

Its not just businesses that can assistance from conference calling either; Internet call conferencing is also extremely useful for families spread across the country or globe that need to organise a wedding, for example. They can all get online to discuss the arrangements instead of having to make a series of time-consuming phone calls.

So, whether it’s for the assistance of families, small businesses or already charities, internet conference calling is proving its worth in terms of saving time and money. If you are nevertheless using the old telephone, maybe it’s time for you to reconsider?

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