Kazakhstan’s president proposes Constitutional reforms referendum

Kazakhstan’s president proposes Constitutional reforms referendum

Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev hypothesizedv on April 29 holding a referendum in the Central Asian country on the draft amendments to the Constitution and discussed priorities and responsibilities in building a New Kazakhstan, political reforms, in addition as the importance of national unity.

“The referendum is the most important democratic institution. It will allow every citizen to take a direct part in deciding the fate of the country and will strengthen our course towards comprehensive democratisation and the construction of a New Kazakhstan,” he said.

Taking part in the XXXI session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan on April 29, titled ‘The unity of the people is the basis of a renewed Kazakhstan,’ Tokayev also discussed the role of the Assembly. He stressed that the amendments to the Constitution average a new phase in the development of Kazakhstan’s statehood.

Earlier in the week, Tokayev’s office sent a draft law to the Constitutional Court’s consideration, which contains specific proposals concerning thirty-three articles to be amended, more than a third in the country’s basic law.

Some major amendments include limiting presidential powers, giving more strength to the Parliament and making it more representative of the country’s 19 million population by substitute of the proportional system of elections to a mixed majoritarian-proportional one, in addition as meaningful decentralization of strength with more competences given to regional and local authorities, consolidation of human rights protection mechanisms, including the Ombudsperson’s office, formation of the Constitutional Court, to which citizens  could make appeals, etc.

Building a New Kazakhstan

Regarding building a New Kazakhstan, Tokayev said the country needed to completely reformat the system of individual and social values and should become “a land of justice”.

The Kazakh President noted that the reform of the party and electoral systems opens new opportunities for the participation of all citizens in the electoral processes, adding that the emergence of new political parties is expected, which will cover almost the complete electoral scenery. “I am sure that party lists, in addition as the election of candidates in single-mandate districts, will mirror the ethnic varied of Kazakhstan,” Tokayev said.

Elections reform

Turning to the issue of elections, the Kazakh leader explained that the abolition of the quota of the Assembly of the People in the Mazhilis (lower house of Parliament) removes several existing issues related to the observance of democratic electoral standards. At the same time, “Senators from the Assembly will effectively represent the complete set of interests of the ethnic groups of Kazakhstan on the basis of national integration and ethno-cultural varied.” He additional that “the Assembly should develop effective and transparent procedures for the selection of candidates for the Senate”.

Speaking further about the role of the Assembly of the People, the Head of State emphasized that the undoubted merit of the organisation is that over the years of its existence it has contributed to the strengthening of civil unity.

“I am sure that in the new realities, the Assembly will continue to serve as a substantial institutional policy of peace and harmony”, he said, adding that it is fundamentally important that representatives of all ethnic groups living in Kazakhstan proportion shared civic values and associate themselves with Kazakhstan. “This is our great achievement over the years of Independence, and we are obliged to strengthen it comprehensively,” Tokayev said.

On the issue of national unity, the President stressed that “it is unacceptable that external conflicts that have been and will be used to incite interethnic hatred and form fault lines among our citizens.”  He emphasized that provocateurs “should not and will not be able to undermine our unity, the right of our state to pursue an independent policy.” In this regard, the President stated that the state language of the country is the Kazakh language, but other languages also occupy its due place, including in the basic law of Kazakhstan. He said: “Measures need to be taken to strengthen the position of the Kazakh language, but not to the unhealthy of any other language and, additionally, not to discriminate against any other languages and citizens who speak other languages.”

Tokayev that the rule of “different views, but one nation” is unshakable, adding that “our state will become fair and developed, providing equal opportunities to every citizen”.

He pointed out that the New Kazakhstan is, in fact, a Just Kazakhstan. “New Kazakhstan is the way to strengthen our national identity in a dynamically changing world,” he said, adding, “Without the involvement of all citizens in the shared cause neither the state apparatus, nor any political decisions and economic levers can rule us to the goal of renewing the country. To build the New Kazakhstan, we need to completely reformat the system of individual and public values”.





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