Kaley Cuoco Left Her Husband Because Of Rom-Com Co-Star Pete Davidson?

On September 3rd, Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook issued a statement announcing their divorce. It said that despite their love and respect for one another, they had realised that their current paths had put them in opposing ways. They have both shared so much of their journey publicly. While they would prefer to keep this area of their personal lives private, they wanted to be honest in their journey together. They promised that there was no resentment or hostility. They made this decision with a great deal of respect and concern for one another, and they have asked everyone to do the same, with the knowledge that they will not be releasing any other details.


  • Kaley Cuoco begins shooting with Pete Davidson
  • Pete Davidson breaks up with Phoebe Dynevor
  • Is the romance real between Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco?

Kaley Cuoco begins shooting with Pete Davidson

Kaley Cuoco began filming for her next project shortly after the announcement. ‘The Flight accompanying’ actor got cast as the rule in the romantic comedy film ‘Meet Cute‘. She will co-star with Pete Davidson, who has recently been in ‘The King of Staten Island’ and ‘The Suicide Squad‘. Alex Lehmann, the director of ‘Blue Jay’, will direct it. The film is based on an original screenplay by Noga Pnueli and tells the narrative of Cuco as Sheila and Davidson as Gary.

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Sheila learns a time machine in a downtown Manhattan nail shop and uses it to regularly travel back in time to relive the best date of her life and figure out what went wrong. Its assumption is what you would do if you could travel to your loved ones’ pasts, heal their wounds, cure their problems, and transform them into the ideal partner?

Pete Davidson breaks up with Phoebe Dynevor

Pete Davidson breaks up with Phoebe Dynevor

Actor Pete Davidson was dating ‘Bridgeton’ actress Phoebe Dynevor. Davidson spent most of his time in LA and Dynevor in London for the Netflix drama. Unfortunately, it resulted in long-distance problems. Last month, the two separated ways. According to supplies, Davidson’s closeness to Cuoco was also a factor in their breakup, in addition to long-distance. Kaley, however, was happily married to Karl Cook at the time. After three years of marriage, Kaley announced her divorce from Karl three weeks after Davidson’s breakup. They released a statement announcing the news.

Is the romance real between Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco?

According to supplies on the ‘ Meet Cute’ set, they saw the divorce coming. They have also stated that Pete and Kaley have gotten along quite well since day one, but it has become apparent that there is some allurement there as the weeks have passed. They clearly play a associate in the film, and everything is incredibly romantic and sweet. However, the connection between them is so apparent that it was all everyone could talk about on set. When the cameras stopped rolling, they were laughing and plainly enjoying each other’s company.

Kaley was back at work, filming with Pete, just 24 hours after announcing the end of her marriage. She has been busy shooting for the movie for the past few months in New York City. The insider went on to say that Cuoco and Davidson have clearly built a connection, and they appear to be extremely close. There is no doubt that the two actors are great friends because the filming has brought them so close. They are undeniably supportive of one another. So there’s no doubt they’ve stayed in touch after filming.

In September, the co-stars were caught on camera exchanging some lovely chemistry. Pete donned a shirt while Kaley Cuoco wore a yellow gingham dress. Kaley famous the end of shooting on ‘Meet Cute’ with a photo of herself embracing her co-star late last month before revealing her divided with Karl.

She wrote: “What an experience! Loved every single human involved with this special little gem of a film. Would do it over and over and over again (get it? It is a time travel joke lol), see the movie, and you will understand.”

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