Journey of Life

Journey of Life

If money were not an issue, what would be your life purpose? Today is an opportunity to ponder this question in such an uncertain economic climate. Company layoffs are nevertheless extremely high, physical ailments are increasing due to stress and anxiety, and many people are beyond financial devastation. however the message of hope and opportunity presents itself in the midst of the storm is being heard everywhere you turn. You hear the message but you are wondering if it applies to you. Is God hearing your prayers? You’re doing all that you know to do and however you nevertheless find yourself in the desert place.

How does one retrieve from a extreme event and begin the journey to recovery? already with the best laid out plans, life happens. People die, people lose jobs, people separate, people start over, and people fall ill. At the root of many of these issues, lies the “elephant in the room.” How will I manager this financially? Life challenges are easier to manager when one is working and depending upon a check every week or two. But what happens when you are the one who received the latest pink slip closest after a diagnosis of high blood pressure, diabetes or already cancer? What if you just decided to leave your spouse? Perhaps you are the one entwined in the midst of the subprime mess and when the interest rate modificated on your mortgage, you could no longer manager your monthly obligations?

The pressures of life are overwhelming and the presence of God feels so distant. But opportunity is present. The question then becomes how do you clarify the opportunity, maximize on the moment, and find financial security? Taking a holistic approach to picking up the pieces of your life and regaining control will take time. If you begin working an average of 12-16 hours daily over any extended period of time, your health will suffer causing additional complications you did not prepare for. However, if that is your only option, it becomes easier to persevere when you are seeking to unprotected to a goal that will ensure you will never repeat the cycle of financial without.

Shifting your mindset is possible when you are in true relationship with God. He will direct your footsteps, divinely connect you with people who can assist you, and encourage you when you need it the most. When you align yourself with God’s plan for your life, financial security becomes a reality. It seems difficult because you don’t know where to begin. Listed are a few steps that will help you to move forward.

1. Begin to lay a obtain foundation physically, mentally and financially. Make a conscious decision to begin navigating by life proactively, not reactively. Very often people allow life issues and current circumstances to dictate behavior and distract them from their dreams. While in this mindset, concern about your physical well-being is virtually nonexistent. By taking control of your life, you can control your destiny.

2. Create a life plan. You’ve heard of a business plan and a financial plan. But do you have a life plan? Begin to estimate where you are standing in life. What do you love to do? Do you have a desire to serve in a particular area or field? Have you identified your natural talents and/or abilities and the career that compliments those talents? While you may find it necessary to seek employment to provide for your family, exploring all options that will allow you to line up with your purpose will begin the time of action of living a God ordained lifestyle. This will not always be easy but it is productive.

3. estimate relationships and be willing to shift. If you find yourself at the top of the ladder of success in your immediate course of action, you need to make some serious adjustments. Seek out multiple mentors that are willing to not only proportion their time and connections with you, but they should be capable of holding you accountable as you work toward achieving your life plan. In addition, they should stand with you and be obtainable to you during your weakest moments. At the same time, you need to be obtainable to individuals who can learn from you.

4. Be responsible and accountable. This is where most individuals are stagnant. If you would mirror honestly, you will recognize signs when you ignored the voice of God. There are some areas where He was screaming at you to trust Him, but because you could not see past the gas bill, the mortgage, or the job itself, you did not notice the call. Spending recklessly, not paying tithes and offerings, and already enlisting your children’s help to avoid bill collectors. When you are ready to confront reality, you will then clarify mandatory expenses from the things that are optional. You will reach out to various lenders and negotiate payment arrangements. Most importantly, you will become accountable. already if you cannot make financial commitment, you will no longer avoid phone calls. Operating with integrity with your finances will mirror spiritual maturity and serious commitment to wanting things to be different in your life overall.

5. Let God be God! When you are obedient to will and plan of God for your life, you can begin to stand in expectation that He will provide your every need. When you are about your Father’s business, He will honor His information which cannot return to Him void. Your responsibility is to obey God, function with integrity and a standard of excellence. The journey may take some time, but you will be rewarded in every area of your life.

God knows the plan He had for you when He first produced you. When you live your life on purpose, you will find wealth in every area of your life. You will recognize there is an overflow of blessings in which you can freely proportion with others. You will find that you are not consumed with physical limitations affiliated with anxiety and stress, and you will be willing to work long hours in the vineyard because the reward and benefits far go beyond a check every week or two.

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