Jayanagar – The Victory City & Southern End of Bangalore

Established in 1948, Jaynagar (Bangalore) is located at the southern end of Bangalore and is home to Dr Narayan Murthy, the founder of Infosys and famous English novelist Shashi Deshpande.

Jayanagar is one of the zones of BBMP and is sub-divided into seven parts. Just like Pune’s Kothrud area, one of the fastest developing sub-cities or suburbs in Asia, Jayanagar is a sprawling locality with residential and commercial blocks. A city like Bangalore is regularly developing and evolving. The Jayanagar suburb of Bangalore is nevertheless one of the most sought after places in the Southern metropolitan.

Raja Ramanna, the famous nuclear physicist, once said ‘ When one gets to live cheek by jowl with the President of India in a specific locality, one feels really elated and honoured.’ The President he referred to was V V Giri. Raja Ramanna and VV Giri are the notable residents of Jayanagar, Bangalore.

The writer had got an opportunity to meet the English novelist Shashi Deshpande at her resident in Jayanagar. The famous novelist/columnist told the writer that earlier, Jayanagar used to be very quiet and less populated but the urbanisation has made inroads into city life. Now no place in any metro is serene and tranquil. Jayanagar is no exception.’

Those who visited the place in the early years of the new millennium, will be astounded to see the marks of rapid strides of urbanisation in Jayanagar.

But this is unavoidable, rather ineluctable. This was bound, nay destined, to happen. Which place has remained unaffected in a big city or metro in India? With the passage of time and fast urbanisation, all places metamorphose and at times get so drastically transformed that already the (old) residents of those places can’t keep speed with that galloping speed of urban progress and get foxed.

T S Ranganna wrote a moving piece in The Hindu (2013): ‘Old-world charm sadly deteriorated.’ He rued the end of that era, that time when Bangalore and its suburbs, esp. Jayanagar, used to be so serene and sylvan. But the concrete jungle has robbed the city of its natural beauty. In writer’s words, ‘already Jayanagar ( Pin Code 560041 ), once Bangalore’s calmest and most salubrious neighborhood, is also in the grip of unwanted urbanisation.’

Whether it’s progress or degeneration is a moot point and a debatable issue. But all said and done, Jayanagar in Bangalore nevertheless has its pristine image (intact) despite so much changes taking place in and around.

at the minimum for the sake of the luminaries residing here, one nevertheless finds it a place of worth, albeit of dwindling value. If you go to Bangalore, visit the Victory City (Jayanagar).

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