Is It True That If You Give Him Less Attention He Will Want You More? …

If you thought that by showering motherly love on your guy and worshiping the very ground he walks on will make him want you more then you will surely learn the bitter truth in a short time. These vital tips will expose the truth on how paying less attention to him will make him want you more.

Guys are born chasers

Guys are born to chase. They cannot change this fact since it is programmed in their genes since centuries. You should allow your guy to chase you around without feeling bad since guys find painful pleasure only when they chase you for your attention.

Do not make him get used to you

Once you make your guy used to you by regularly appearing as a genie each time he calls out for you then you will simply make him get used to you. This move will lower your importance and also lower the amount of attention that you deserve. If you have been in a strength outage for two days then you will surely applaud once your electricity is back on, but you might not do the same every morning when you wake up after that.

Do not get your guy drunk on strength

Once you give too much attention to your guy then you will only provide him with too much strength, which in turn will make him drunk on that strength. He will not only shower less attention on you but also need more in return with each passing day while also losing all respect for you in due time.

Your guy will take control of your relationship

You should give less attention to your guy so that he fears taking over the reins of the relationship. If you give him too much importance or attention then he will surely make a bid to control the relationship and try to force you to accept his views.

Your guy will take it as a challenge

If you pay less attention to your guy then he will take it as a challenge to extract some more attention out of you. This will make him work harder as he gives you gifts or tries to get your attention in various other ways. You can now enjoy the additional attention that your guy showers over you while restricting the amount of attention that you give him.

Guys are afraid of competition

However brave your guy might act, in his heart he would nevertheless be afraid of competition. Once you pay less attention to him then he might get afraid that you might be looking out for another boyfriend. This fear will goad him on to impress you already more by paying more attention to your needs.

Allow your man to imagine

Instead of revealing all about yourself by showering too much attention on your guy, allow him to activate his imagination by paying less attention to him. This will enhance his anticipation as he tries to get to know you better.

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