iPage Review (Everything You Need to Know)

iPage Review (Everything You Need to Know)

A great way of finding out if a web hosting company will provide quality service is finding out about their history. The past can be predictive of future performance. Typically speaking the longer a web great number has been in business the better their sets will be. iPage has been providing hosting sets since 1995. This may not sound like a very long time to some but we have to remember that the internet is nevertheless in its early stages of development, comparatively speaking. iPage is in my opinion one of the best kept secrets out there today as it combines and delivers quality sets and value. It is no surprise that when people speak of web hosting, GoDaddy often comes to mind due to their commercial branding or Bluehost. However, iPage clearly deserves to be in the top tier and in my view, offers a better overall quality and value proposition than GoDaddy

Lets find out why.


With the way the internet is today, having a reliable web great number is a must. This begs the question, can iPage provide this to customers? Based on important feedback and hands on experience of our own webmasters, we give it a ringing endorsement. Using the fastest machines obtainable, iPage employs a pool of servers which they use to sustain your websites. These servers provide redundancy, faster load times and fewer interruptions. iPage has two centers located in Boston, MA. Together they take up over 2400 square feet. Both centers have over 800 servers with 24/7 security. iPage also offers a security suite only exclusive to iPage subscribers. This security suite includes account specific malware and spam scanning, domain verification and security badge. iPage employs rare hosting architecture where a site is served by a pool of redundant servers instead of a single backup server. I cannot press enough how important that is. What this all spells is a hosting platform you can count on and that is important as downtime is the enemy of a webmaster.


For many, price is one of the most important factors when trying to find the right web great number. This is the area where iPage shines. On average, a web great number will charge you about $5 to $6 a month for a basic hosting plan. iPage blows away the competition offering $3.50 a month. This is probably one one of the reasons why iPage as a company is growing as such a fast speed. We analyze this more later in our review. It is an excellent deal considering what you get with the basic plan. iPage will provide you with many things including beginner tools to help create your site, $75 free advertising credits, step by step instructions for adding applications to your site, and many other features like unlimited hosting space and unlimited hosting domains. In this regard, by offering so many useful tools and applications, no surprise iPage has become a favorite of beginning, intermediate and already the most experienced webmaster.

Control Panel

Most web hosting companies utilize the cPanel (control panel). Interestingly,iPage has moved in a different direction with the vDeck control panel. Without a doubt when looking at buying sets from a web great number, the most important thing to consider is what kind of control panel they use. Not all hosts offer one. You definitely want this characterize. When it is all said and done, the control panel is what allows you to efficiently create and navigate by your website. cPanel is extermely user friendly, which is why it is loved by many, but can the same be said for the vDeck? The vDeck control panel implements over 75 tools and sets. Making it already easier to navigate and create. The vDeck version 3.0 incorporates well over 200 user friendly tools and sets. These tools will provide you with access to your account information, comprehensive domain registration tools and buffed up spam and virus protection. It appears that the vDeck could give the cPanel a run for its money. We tried it out and the feedback from our webmasters was exceptionally positive.

Customer Service

In today’s web hosting world, the foundation of any business is its customer service. A business is only as good as its customer service. If you think about it, when a business gives you incredible customer service you are likely to return again and again. If you get stuck or need a helping hand, you want to be able to get help in a timely and effiicent manner. That is one of the differentiators that sets iPage except much of the competition. When reviewing hosting companies we try to avoid using such superalatives as “incredible” or “amazing” to describe any of their features. Such descriptions really don’t help anyone and are very difficult to live up to. But without a doubt, iPage has the best customer service we have experienced from a web hosting company. Where GoDaddy stumbles, iPage sprints ahead of the pack. They have all the obtainable venues for customer service such as open email, live chat and phone sustain. The timeliness and quality of their response is unquestionably first rate. The phone sustain department is open 24/7. iPage has also implemented various methods to enhance their customer sustain using a FAQ page, sustain console and a feedback and suggestions page. You are in good hands with these folks.


Exclusive Security Suite

Free domain Free SiteLock security package

Free point and click site builder

Free online store

Free blog

Free script library

Google sets for websites

great number unlimited domains

Hundreds of site templates

$75 in free search marketing credits

Shared SSL (obtain credit card processing)

Unlimited hosting space

Unlimited data move


As a consequence of the many things that were discussed above, iPage as a business is expanding. With the information getting out, more and more webmasters are making use of their hosting program. With over 1,500,000 domains being served in over 150 countries and with 800 trained professionals, they are not the new kid on the block. Just take a look at iPage consumer trends and you will see how fast this business is moving (See Google Insights chart). If you are a beginner or an intermediate level webmaster and you prioritize value, but also want quality and reliability, then iPage is the way to go. To learn more about iPage and/or to learn how to order the hosting platform, simply click on the link below.

If you wish to learn more about iPage or other hosts please visit Web great number Mentor.

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