Insta Grid – Nine Cut Image For Instagram

Insta Grid - Nine Cut Image For Instagram


You have seen it a of times like how people post nine different images on their Instagram timeline

You can take a new picture to turn it into a grid or can use old pictures from the Album.
Nine cut Nine Cut app lets you move your One photos In Nine photos.

and proportion any image on social networks
Nine Cut app also provides the functionality using which you can cut your photo into many grids and proportion on social media.



★ Crop any photo into 3×1, 3×2, 3×3,etc grids 
★ High resolution JPG images for best quality pictures 
★ Post images directly to Instagram 
★ Automatically saves to SD card 
★ Easily save grids and proportion later 
★ Very easy and intuitive


1.  Android Studio (Updated version 3+)
2. Android OS (version 16+) 
3. Android and android tablets sustain
4. Java (Development language) 


# Unzip pacakge.
# Open Android Project in to android stdio.
# Run application on your device.

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