Increase Forum Activity – 5 Ways to Do it Now!

Increase Forum Activity – 5 Ways to Do it Now!

5 Ways to Increase Forum Activity

Many board owners do not know how to increase forum activity on their forums. They struggle to get their members to post and become active. The most frustrating part is that they see that a lot of members login everyday, in addition hardly post. So what can be done to make your forum more active? Follow some of these great tips:

1) Create a contest – Competition can be very healthy for any forum as long as you do it correctly. Find a good contest that can “fit” your forum’s niche and style. for example, a graphics forum can create graphics contests and a gaming forum can try and great number some contests within some of the games they discuss. Finding a great contest that your forum loves can sometimes take a while, so don’t give up after one failed attempt. Ask your members what they’d like and create an enjoyable experience.

2) Use your forum’s mass email characterize – One overlooked characterize that comes ready with many forum hosts today is the mass email characterize. Many forum hosts, both free and paid, come with some sort of mass email characterize that allows you to email all or parts of your member base. Use this to your advantage, most users do not log onto a forum every single day, and most come and go as they see fit. Using your mass email characterize, you can then notify your members of upcoming events and plans. Notification is meaningful on the internet. With so many forums out there, make sure your members know you’re nevertheless there and active by notifying them on a regular basis.

3) Post, post, and keep posting – Many board owners are discouraged to post when no one else is posting. You need to realize that members post when they see something that interests them, if a topic does not interest them, then they will not post in it. Keep creating topics and keep your members interested in what you have to offer. It’s a simple concept: the more you post, the more possible you have that others will post. The worst thing you can do is just sit back and sulk at your idle forum.

4) Advertise and Network your forum well – As a board owner, you are responsible for properly advertising and networking your forum. How do you expect others to find your forum if you do a lousy job of advertising it? This does not necessarily average that you have to pay to advertise. Many forums, search engines, and directories allow you to “plug” your forum into their database. Plug your forum into as many places as possible because there is a lot more possible that new members will see it and join. Don’t just advertise on one place and expect a lot of activity to come from that one source. Luckily we have an article on advertising and networking your forum that you can check out here: How to Massively Advertise and Network Your Forum.

5) “Active Poster” groups – Rewarding your members for posting is a great way to motivate members. ForumBlogger has discussed one technique to implement this group for a new forum here: Technique for a Successful Forum, but that only works well for forums that have recently started. Forums that are more established should consider creating a group for active posters, but the trick is to not make the post count needed to reach this group high. Reward those members that post daily in addition as the ones that post weekly. How do you accomplish this? Create a few tiers of these groups. Perhaps your first tier is reached when the member posts 50 posts, then the second when he reaches 300 posts. This allows you to reward all kinds of activity on your forum and feeling rewarded feels good wouldn’t you say?

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