In Search of Originality: Avoid These Overused Words

One of the meaningful elements of branding is to create your own language.

Every now and then a cool information trend comes along and for a while it’s good… until it gets overused and the thing that was once the coolest is now the most UNcoolest and overused.

It’s better to cash out your chips while you’re nevertheless going strong. Check out the list of words below. If you’re thinking about using them… my advice is to keep up off and find something else. Instead, find something rare and original that will catch the attention of your ideal clients.

Here are my Top 4…

1. “TRIBE” This information is extremely alluring because it elicits a feeling of human connection in its most primal form. Before we were complicated cities and cliques, we were tribes. Bless your heart Seth Godin, but your book took that information way, way, way too into the shared vernacular and now everybody wants to go tribal. You can nevertheless foster thorough primal connection… but how about finding a information other than TRIBE to describe it?

2. “THE NEXT LEVEL” Where exactly is the next level? Will my GPS find it? The problem with this overused phrase is that it’s nebulous and can’t be pinpointed. You have to know exactly what level you’re currently on in order to plot a path to the next level… and most people wanting the next level aren’t really sure where they are. See the problem here? And besides the logical problems, it’s just plain OVERUSED and tired. Cash it out.

3. “________ FOR WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS” I’m going to catch serious flack for this one! Everywhere I turn people are changing their niche focus, and already brands, to zero in on women entrepreneurs. As a woman entrepreneur, I have no problem investing in sets designed to help me, whether it’s health related or business related. But… as a branding concept, it’s reaching the saturation point. Don’t stop marketing to women entrepreneurs… but do find phrases and hooks to stand out for your women entrepreneur clients without making them feel like they’re running around with bullseyes on their backs.

4. “BALANCE” Balance is important, but people’s ears are becoming numb to the information. In the early 90’s it sounded cool because we hadn’t been hearing it nonstop for 20 years. But now we have and it’s time to communicate how you can help your clients in a more original way.

Looking for the Answer meaningful in this post?

I know your question (I have amazing psychic abilities, did you know that?)… “Well then, where exactly do we find new phrases? How can we tap into the next trend?”

My suggestions are:

1) Consult a Thesaurus for information ideas

2) Be observant.

3) Be bold. Early adopters are the first ones to try something, they don’t wait until it’s gotten mainstream allurement before they take action!

4) Shift your focus from the buzzwords you’ve been using to the RESULTS people get from working with you.

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