Hydro Extractors Have Their Place

The hydro extractor is a very simple piece of equipment that can greatly assist the commercial laundry in its search for a quicker and cheaper laundry course of action. At the present they are not of use to the domestic market but there may in the future be a need. The development of this machine has had a exceptional effect in changing the time of action and is quite under-used when the benefits have been considered fully.

Any person who has been to a health club swimming pool may have seen the miniature hydro extractors that are often obtainable to take the excess water out of swimming costumes so that they can be taken home dry. A 40 second spin will turn the costume from wet to almost dry. It is this speed of water extraction which can be of paramount importance to most commercial laundries. Instead of a washing machine spinning the washing at a low speed for a long time and already then the laundry is quite damp the washing cycle is finished early and then the laundry is transferred to the hydro extractor where most of the water is removed very quickly.

The machine consists of a vertical drum which is spun at around 1500 rpm. The vertical drum removes the gravitational effect of the washing so the spin is better balanced and more effective. The spin cycles are adjustable but are usually only up to 15 minutes at a maximum. The washing comes out so that it is ready for the ironer with no further drying required.

The only problem for the commercial laundry is that large washing machines may be using 100 plus kg individual loads and the extractors are 9 and 15 kg loads. This method additional labour for transferring the small loads but this can fit in quite well with the ironing course of action as there is not a requirement for the whole load to be ready at one time. Also the removal of a dry course of action either by a long spin dry and / or a dryer will reduce labour time. These machines are very powerful and they require a good strength source which usually method a 3 phase industrial supply but this should be obtainable fairly cheaply if not already a part of the commercial laundry.

They are particularly effective where speed is the essence as it will considerably reduce the time of operation and will get simple items back into the system in a very short time which will permit any supplier the option to get the laundry back to his customer without delay.

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