How to Prevent Car Crashes

How to Prevent Car Crashes

The majority of all car crashes that occur are preventable and only happen because of the carelessness or inexperience of the driver. Drivers under the age of 25 are shown to be far more likely to be involved in a car accident. Reasons indicates that this is because of the combination of inexperience, overconfidence, peer pressure, and showing off.

Measures to Prevent Accidents

Most of the serious accidents occur at night, and when there are passengers in the car along with the driver. Because of these statistics, the local governments have implemented certain measures to help reduce serious car crashes.

Local governments are enacting laws that restrict the driving freedom of young drivers because of the high probability of them getting into accidents. Certain measures, such as placing curfews on young drivers and not allowing new drivers to have passengers, are becoming shared in every state in the United States.

Car Crash Prevention Technology

New cars today are now being equipped with machines that aid the driver to prevent car crashes. Today, devices like closeness detectors, that automatically detect how close you are traveling to the car in front of you and automatically adjust your car’s speeding up to prevent you from getting closer than you can safely stop at your current speed, are being found in many luxury cars. Currently, these types of devices are too expensive to implement in normal cars.

The number one cause of car accidents is the consumption of alcohol by the driver. Sobriety devices are now being installed in cars of repeat drunk drivers under court order. These devices will force the driver to blow into a mouthpiece that will measure the amount of alcohol consumed. If they are above the legal limit to excursion, the machine will lock the ignition preventing them from driving after they have been drinking.

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