How to Level Up in WoW Quickly!

How to Level Up in WoW Quickly!

There are some keys that can help any player learn how to level up quickly in WoW. Mainly it involves eliminating things that waste our limited World of Warcraft playing time.

WoW is such a social ecosystem that it is very easy for players to get wrapped up in things that waste time and they find themselves frustrated that they have not been progressing in levels at a very good speed.

Here are a associate tips to help maximize playing time and level at a very good speed.

1. Stay out of trade chat – It is very easy to get caught up in the trolling that goes on with every server. Stay out in leveling zones where you should be questing.

2. Get bags – When questing you will pick up all sorts of items and you should never leave items. Everything equals gold and you will need it.

3. Create a banking character – A level 1 character placed in town can perform all of your auction house and vendor work. This keeps your leveling character out where it should be questing. Remember that mail stays in your mailbox for 30 days. This provides a huge amount of storage space and you can log on to your banking character every associate of days to vendor and auction items.

4. Do not buy gear from the auction house – At lower levels you will get all the gear you need to continue leveling at a good speed. If you have heirloom items then you certainly do not need to buy gear.

5. Gathering professions – These are the professions that will make you gold as you level and can be worked easily while you quest. Mining and Herbalism truly now offer experience. Use them while leveling and pick up other more advantageous professions later.

6. Use a good in game leveling guide to help strength level your characters. They make a huge difference and can allow you to strength level in days instead of weeks and months.

The fact remains that the great majority of fun to be had in World of Warcraft are found at the level cap. The faster you can get there the more fun you will have playing the game.

I have always used a in game leveling guide addon because it helps me make the most use of my playing time by allowing me to pick up, complete and turn in quests in the most efficient manner. Leveling a character in WoW from level 1 to the leveling cap in less than 5 days is comparatively easy with the right guide.

All of these tips used together are the meaningful to learning how to level up quickly in WoW.

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