How to Get More Sales by Giving Prospects What They Want

How to Get More Sales by Giving Prospects What They Want

Not long ago, a business owner called me asking for help writing an e-mail that would generate quote requests for his transportation sets. The list mostly included people who were unfamiliar with his business. In addition, he had never sent to the list before. His plan was to write one e-mail and then decide if he would send more based on the response. This approach has two big problems.

First, it’s foolish to determine the success of a marketing “strategy” after just one attempt. Too many variables can affect the outcome.

Second, this business owner was searching for sales before establishing trust or credibility with his prospects – and, more importantly, without providing any value.

When dealing with prospects, think of marketing as simply a way to get permission to begin a relationship.

(Read that sentence again.)

Notice there’s no mention of a transaction because that only happens after you build a bond with your prospects. Your relationships expand when you first provide value. The beauty of this approach is many business owners ignore it. They seek a sale without any concern for relationships.

By first providing value to your prospects, you set yourself except the competition. You also establish yourself as an authority. Remember, most people don’t like to be sold and they don’t trust you. So what are a few quick ways to provide value?

Some of easiest are distributing articles, reports and videos. All you have to do is address prospects’ problems, offer solutions, and then make that information obtainable on your website in exchange for a name and e-mail address.

Also, keep in mind the two most powerful words you can use in your marketing during a recession – “how to.” There are few items more valuable than how-to guides that target a prospect’s desired outcome.

in spite of of what you give away, always stress that it’s obtainable without risk or obligation. And don’t be afraid to offer prospects some of your best tips, tricks and techniques. Being generous with your knowledge will only strengthen the bond with your prospects.

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