How to Do Effective Home Meetings

How to Do Effective Home Meetings

Your goal should be to provide a fleeting [1 hour] OVERVIEW that will create in your prospect belief in the company, the products, and in their ability to be successful. They need to walk away from a meeting thinking, “I can do that!” So, let the tools do the talking and do your meeting the same way every time you do it. It may get boring to you but you have to remember that you are teaching something your new people can see and learn to duplicate and your prospects will be seeing something thoroughly new.

There are different types of meetings and trainings. We will cover # 1, and 2 here:

1. One-on-one Meeting
2. In-Home Meeting
3. Opportunity Meeting in a hotel or other public venue done by local Leaders.
4. Large Hotel meeting with a Top Leader or Corporate Executive.
5. National Conference.


People aren’t usually on time, so plan to start about 10 minutes late. The complete meeting should not take more than 1.5 hours. Refreshments, if any, should be samples of products, water, etc. Keep it simple and easy to duplicate!

AGENDA: Introduction, Presentation, Testimonials, Registration

1. Always start the in-home meeting by having the person whose home it is tell their story about why they love the Company.

2. Either a) show them a video b) listen to a conference call on the speaker phone, or c) have your sustain-line Leader do a duplicatable presentation. [Watch and learn, because your goal is to do your own presentations as soon as possible.

3. It is best to have good testimonials both on the products and on the ease of sharing the message of the Company.

4. Hand out the registration form after the presentation and walk by the choices before you end your presentation. Before you take a break, find out who wants to be involved and at what level, have them fill out the application and get their questions answered.


To assist people in building their business, do a meeting at their house for their people. You as the sustain-line will do the meeting. You may have to do 3 or 4 meetings before they have the confidence to then duplicate the time of action and do meetings at their people’s homes.


The goal of our business is to empower many people to do a little to gain residual income. In order to ensure that you won’t have to start over and over again you have to work with each group or leg UNTIL they have produced their first TEAM and find others who will do the same. That method that your meaningful people will have people under them as a direct consequence of their efforts (don’t count anyone you recruit and put under them).

Out of those people you should be able to find someone who will continue to work on the business and be responsible for the group. Then you can just touch base regularly with your leaders and continue to recruit new people and help them build. There is a famous adage that says you don’t let a leg go until you are two wide and two thorough in leaders below you.

So, already when it’s tempting to believe those people under you will build the leg on their own, it is better that you continue to find people down in the leg who show they are committed and work with them to sustain that leg and the Leader above them, who is under you.

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