How Can You Protect Your Home Against Termites

How Can You Protect Your Home Against Termites

Did you know that termites can cause damage worth about $5 billion every single year? These damages were found mostly in residential homes. Find out as soon as possible if these silent destroyers are in plaguing your home. From learning how to detect signs of termite infestation, your consequent task is how to eliminate termites in your character.

The presence of mud-like material found in holes is the most shared sign of termite infestation. This material is a combination of soil, and termite feces and saliva, which is used to create their shelter tubes. You can also determine termite damaged areas by tapping the surface with a hammer, and a hollow sound is produced.

If during the spring months from March to June you would notice a swarm of insects flying around your house, especially near light supplies, you might have termite infestation. However, swarmers (reproductive male and female termites) are commonly confused with winged ants. But they have physical differences. Termites have straight antennae, while ants have elbowed ones. Termite wings discarded easily. So if you find piles of wings near the areas where the pests were fleeting, speculate that some parts of your house are already chewed on.

Termites satisfy on wood and paper cellulose. consequently, chiefly focus on home areas with these elements upon locating signs of infestation. You should also check the basement, wooden beams, and structures set in a soil- or concrete-based floor like wooden posts, steps, door frames and trims.

There are different measures you can do to address this issue. chiefly, there are do-it-yourself solutions found in pest control stores. You can apply termite insecticides (termiticides) or termite chemical obstacle treatments to the soil. The application lasts a few years. Termite bait systems are dubbed to be more efficient and long-lasting. This is composed of a wood feeding source and bait cartridge, which basically works like a mouse trap. Install as many bait stations directly into the ground where termites can easily access them. Once they satisfy on the source, they will die and be contained in the cartridge.

If you want to save time and effort, seek a qualified and licensed specialized pest management firm. Ensure it has impressive credentials. If you are satisfied with their initial work, consider paying an annual renewal fee for the service warranty. This would be advantageous should you need the company to return and treat the affected areas again, at no additional charge.

Most termite infestation preventive measures are implemented to work around house structures in contact with the ground. at the minimum a six-inch gap between the foundation and wood portions of the house must be maintained. Eliminating wood-to-soil contact can be done in several ways such as soil regrading or cutting few inches off the wood structures. Do not store cellulose materials within crawl spaces or against the base of the character. These may only serve as the termites’ gateway to your home.

Moisture near the foundation should also be controlled, as termites thrive in damp humid spaces. Ensure that all water passageways and units are diverted away from the character base. To further reduce humidity in crawl spaces, install or refurbish the ventilation system in this area.

Termite control is a worthy investment. It does not only protect your home, but it also establishes your home to present healthy living conditions.

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