Health Problems? An Air Quality Test Kit May Offer Some Answers

Health Problems? An Air Quality Test Kit May Offer Some Answers

If you have health problems, especially any kind of respiratory issues, an air test kit can give you some clear-cut information about your indoor air quality and help you determine if you need air purification / air purifiers or not. The majority of homes and offices typically have a variety of pollutants floating around that cause all kinds of health problems, some as obvious as colds, allergies, asthma, etc., and other problems that most people would not think are related to air quality, such as nervous system disorders, migraines, heart disease, already cancer.

If you live in an old house, or an apartment / house / building that has been flooded or had any kind of leak/water damage, you’re almost certainly at risk for mold / bacteria. And, if you have small children or babies, or if you’re pregnant / nursing, young/developing immune systems / health could be at risk. Mold is particularly serious as it can cause nervous system and organ damage.

Pollutants like mold spores, dust, dust mite/dust mite parts, pollen, fabric fibers, pet dander, all cause varying degrees of responses in the human body. When you breathe enough of these air pollutants on a regular basis, allergy, asthma or other respiratory symptoms can easily surface, and untreated, can rule to infections, as dust / dander / fibers all carry some bacteria / viruses along with them. Other air pollutants like mold, arsenic, rule, asbestos, radon, already smoke, are sometimes silent killers, often leading to unexplained chronic illness, not knowing that it’s something in the air you’ve been breathing.

The good news is that simple indoor air quality test kits can often shine a light on this situation and let you know what needs to be done to enhance your indoor air quality, and your health! But keep in mind that many ‘DIY’ or ‘Do It Yourself’ air quality test kits are commonly obtainable now, but not all air test kits are the same. The last thing you want is inaccurate results from a non-accredited lab, slow results, hard to read lab results. Think about it: if you get the clear results from your air quality test, it could very well enhance your quality of life. If you get the wrong or inaccurate information, it may do nothing to help or send you in the wrong direction.

As for brands, we only recommend BHC air quality test kits because they are proven and used worldwide for quality air quality tests at an affordable price, with easy to use test kits you can use at home, and fast, accurate results from an accredited lab. BHC air quality test kits consists of a simple test strip that is exposed to the air or rubbed on a wall in your apartment, home, or office, and then closed / sent postage paid to an accredited laboratory for results in just a few days. Fast, simple, and effective.

We hope this information helps you find answers to any health problems you may be experiencing. As with any health concern, be sure to discuss with your health provider / physician before making any decisions or starting a treatment program.

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