Healing the Mind by Faith

Healing the Mind by Faith

The East is a land of mystery and thorough religious and psychic thought. But this is one place where the unthinkable happens. consequently there are men of God who use their powers to help men and women who suffer from imaginary ailments.

One of the men is a Moslem named Syed Aboozar Azami. He is what we say a imam. He strongly believes that men and women who claim to be possessed by the devil or some evil spirit are really divided personalities and need to be cured. This he feels can be done by prayer and burning of Taviz. A taviz is a paper with spiritual writings that is to be burnt every day.

Syed has, by his faith healing cured more than 200 patients. He attends to people of all religions and Hindus and Christians are also treated by him. In addition Syed also works with Doctors and uses his faith healing techniques to cure patients.

Faith healing in Islam is very much common. But the clue to this is a belief that you will be cured and also carrying out all the rituals that may be prescribed. the time of action of faith healing has no scientific basis,but again a lot many people have benefited from it. Faith healing by religious beliefs involves carrying carrying out certain rituals and burning taviz and candles and earthen lamps( diva) is one of them.

There is no doubt that a lot many ailments originate from the mind. Sometimes these cannot be cured by normal medicines and Doctors. In such situations fat healers do play a meaningful part. In Mumbai there are many such faith healers. Most of the ones I am aware off are Moslem. Maybe because Sufi Islam has a thorough spiritual side.

One other such faith healer is Pir Sayyed Kadri. This man has been practicing his art,for that is what it is for over four decades. He is now old and is obtainable at his house in Buculla at Mumbai. This man has uncanny powers of perception and people with varied ailments approach him. He is again a faith healer and will assign a measure of taviz to burn. He has cured many people, who will vouchsafe for the effectiveness of his methods.

Faith healing is not a science. Hence scientific data and experiments have no place. It is simply a spiritual strength that the faith healer transfers to the patient. All in all there are hundreds who have benefited from these faith healers

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