Hair Straighteners – Your De-Frizzing Best Friend

Hair Straighteners – Your De-Frizzing Best Friend

Depending on your hair’s natural texture and where you truly live, curly and frizzy hair can plague you every now and then. Add blow drying, chemical hair products, strong shampoo, and hair treatments to your curly hair and you will end up with an bothersome and unruly hair all day and all night. What can be more frustrating than spending a lot of time in front of a mirror with a comb in one hand and a blow dryer on the other desperately trying to straighten frizzy hair?

Those with naturally curly hair are always faced with the same problem and are left wishing they were born with straight sleek hair instead. Curly hairs, as dreadful as they may sometimes look, are beautiful when managed properly. With a little bit of patience and the use of the right tools, you can transform your frizzy hair into something gorgeous. If straight is what you want your hair to be, hair straighteners are just around the corner. You may need a little help from the experts but you are not far from mastering the technique of straightening your own hair in your very own home.

Care for frizzy hair is a breeze once you get the hang of it. If you want to use your hair straight, start by shampooing your hair and conditioning it. Always rinse with the coldest water you can bear as cold water locks down your hair’s cuticle making it slicker and less frizzy. Dry your hair naturally trying to avoid the blow dryer as much as you can to let your hair rest from too much exposure to heat; towel dry it instead while you are reading the newspaper or watching the news.

Aside from using shampoo and conditioner to come up with a less-frizz hair, you can also try a homemade hair disguise. Simply mix one egg with to one part mayo and olive oil and apply it to your hair at the minimum once a week. Rinse only until after 30 minutes of wrapping your hair in a towel. This technique will give your hair a smooth and shinny turn up. To add to the effect, you can straighten your hair with the use of hair straighteners. Divide hair into sections with pins and straighten one section at a time by allowing your flat iron to run in a downward motion.

Straightening your hair and making it look like you just came out from an expensive salon can really be easy. However, if you have permed, colored, or bleached hair you may need more than the ordinary hair washing or homemade disguise mentioned earlier. Because of chemical damage, you will need thorough conditioning treatment with the use of heat or other hair products.

Try the use of pomade products with some oil in it after washing our hair. Another great idea for frizzy hair due to chemicals is to rinse your hair with a cup of apple vinegar and half a cup of water. The pH of your hair can be corrected by the vinegar and so the hair cuticle is made smooth in addition. Once your hair is smooth again, hair straighteners can do the final trick.

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