Grandma Goes To Washington

The PRESIDENT of the United States believes that his children’s grandmother is important enough in their lives that he has invited her to move into the WHITE HOUSE! We, in the USA, now have a “FIRST GRANDMA” as part of the WHITE HOUSE family. Some people think that extended family is necessary. This is indeed an inspiration for others to follow Barack’s rule by example and embrace grandparenthood. John Berman, ABC news did a piece about the soon to be FIRST FAMILY’S commitment to family values.

Barack Obama believes in setting an example not only for his children, but for the community to see how extended families provide sustain and stability within a child’s life. The relationship between a grandparent and grandchild is a whole and separate entity, and should not be considered a threat to the parent child relationship, but instead an asset. A bonus. There was a time when parents gratefully accepted a grandparent into their child’s life. There was a time when parents relied on grandparents for sustain and assistance. There was a time when parents thought that grandparents were necessary and of vital importance, “basic” as Dr. Carson refers. Allowing the grandparent grandchild relationship to prosper without interference is the sign of an unselfish, confident parent.

SIGNS, SIGNS, everywhere, for all to see, especially broken families.

Besides the first family sending out a message so loud and clear….

Radio personality, Dr. Laura, advised a mother contemplating a long distance move, in hopes of a securing a better job, not to do so because of leaving extended family. She explained that without of access to a meaningful and valuable sustain system, “is like losing your life preserver.” Well said.”

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