Girls Like Them Bad – The Best Comic Book Villains to Dress As This Ha…

Girls Like Them Bad – The Best Comic Book Villains to Dress As This Ha…

Now that Halloween is just around the corner it’s time for dressing up and having cool costume parties to attend to! And just like everyone else who is into comic books, you plan to go as your favorite comic book hero for the 25th straight year. But then while you’re bringing out your old Captain America costume from the closet, you realize that you need a change in your Halloween habits. Gone is the goody two shoes image and gone are (most) of the times that you have to use your underwear on the outside. No! This year you will be a super villain!

There are many cool villains from comic books that you can choose to portray for the next big Halloween party. Here are a few suggestions to impress all your fellow partygoers with you devilishly bad boy attitude:

l Magneto: Be the perfect chick magnet by portraying the X-Men’s ultimate nemesis. In order to look like the master of magnetism, you’ll need to fix a pail or some sort of container to look like his helmet. You’ll also need a purple cape and a maroon outfit that accentuates your villainously sexy physique. Just remember boys, every girl loves a man with a cause-no matter how evil his methods may be!
l Doctor Doom: A skull disguise spray painted silver in addition as a green cloak can do wonders to help you look like the Lord of Latveria, otherwise known as Doctor Doom. Attract the ladies to your kingdom with your suave ways and amazing intelligence while you relate to them your plots of taking over the world. Robotic slaves are optional.
l The Dark Phoenix: For all you bad girls out there, Jean Grey’s all-powerful alter ego is the perfect one for you. Donning a red-orange skin tight outfit with long yellow gloves and boots will turn you from a Plain Jane to a smolderingly hot piece of world destroying yummy-ness. Dyeing your hair red is also important or if you like, use a red wig instead.

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