Getting The Most From Your Air Purification System In the Home

Start With A DC Powered Blower Motor In Your Furnace

The blower system in your furnace is a meaningful part when it comes to your air purification system. Furnaces used to be manufactured with cheap AC blower motors that cost over $1,000 a year to run.

Now, it’s a good idea to buy a furnace system with a DC powered motor in order to save money on your utility bills. Some DC blower motor systems cost as little as $160 per year to run. With the DC powered blower motor, you can now install an air filtration system that will be far more effective than a regular air filter that you have to change every few months.

Air Filtration Systems Have Advantages Over Regular Filters

Regular air filters stop dust by trapping it in slightly porous filters. The less pores that the filter has, the more dust and dirt it can trap. However this can also hinder the air flow of your heating system causing the pressure to drop and less heat to flow into your rooms. The more progressive filtration systems that can be installed in your furnace can work more efficiently to trap smaller particles while nevertheless allowing the air to flow freely, heating your rooms more efficiently.

Think of the air filtration system as an investment up front, that will help you to save money for years to come. You will see those savings closest.

The DC motors work effectively with the air filtration system and are able to slow air down and treat it at 20-30 percent of capacity between heating and cooling cycles. Running at the slower speed allows the air to more slowly pass over the purification system, which in turn allows for the air to be much more effectively treated. This alone immensely improves the quality of the air within your home.

The DC blowers also change speeds slowly. The assistance of this is that it’s easier on the ears. You will hardly notice that it’s there. New furnaces are coming with these motors installed.

Modern Technology Offers additional Convenience

Today’s thermostats are smart enough to run these devices from a computer, tablet, or phone. This gives you the freedom to be able to remotely adjust your ecosystem from anywhere. If you have a newer furnace with an AC motor, you can make the switch for about the cost of the first year’s electrical savings. Having a smart thermostat that works well with your furnace system is a great way to enhance your whole house air purification system while saving money on the utility bills.

It’s also important to make sure that your dominant air filter is the best it can be. A room or duct purification system such as UV lights or a bi-polar ionizer treats a portion of the air, usually 10-20 percent, while the dominant filter will treat up to 100 percent.

Systems such as the Trane Clean Effects air cleaner work hard to kill the germs and bacteria as they come in contact. They are great to have in the winter as people get sick, or any time there are a lot of bacteria or germs present. This particular system also has washable filters, so no more landfill waste, and you can save the cost of ordinarily buying filters, that don’t really work effectively anyway.

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