Getting Rid of Those Pesky House Ants

Getting Rid of Those Pesky House Ants

Though ants have been considered a pest indoors, they are truly very useful outdoors. Ants can aerate the soil, can control population of other insects, and can already break down organic matters. So it is very crucial for one to choose the right kind of ant control.

Colonies are established by ants and from these colonies; scouts are deployed to search for food and water source within the vicinity. A scent trail is left behind by the scouts to leave a smell for the other ants to follow and for them to trace their way back when they see a source of food and water to inform the colony. When the information has been returned, other members of the colony will follow the scent back to the source to begin collecting. There are a variety of ant colonies, some may probably create sub colonies and deploy queens to make a new colony nearer to the source of food and water.

First off is to is to eliminate their food source. Scouts are the meaningful to their food supply, scouts will wander endlessly until they find a source of found and report back to the colony. In an enough span of time, every bit of possible resource in your home will be located by the ants.

To eliminate their food source, obtain all food into a firmly sealed box or container or either store them safely in the refrigerator. Make sure that no crumbs or stains are left in the counters, floor, cabinets, and shelves of your home, keep sinks and other areas dry to restrict water source from the ants.

When ants get their source of food from your pet’s bowl, you can solve this problem by simply creating a pool of soapy water around the bowl that will serve as a obstacle so that ants cannot cross over their source of food.

The second way to get rid of these ants is to seal the exact entrance of the ants to your own home. Vaseline, chili powder, boric acid, and cinnamon are substances used to block the way or entrance of ants, these substances will discourage ants to move forward as they do not wish to. But these blockages are only permanent, it will always be best to seal all fractures, gaps, and holes inside your home.

And then the third one would be by eliminating their scent trail. Scouts are made to seek and leave trails, one way to get rid of them is to get them lost and disconnected from the colony. When you find a scout, quickly kill them and wipe away the trail that they have gone by, by this, the scout will not be able to report back to the colony and the colony will no longer have an idea where the source is. Trace the trail where you found the scout, and use a sponge with soapy water to wipe out the trails from the source all the way down to the entrance of your home.

When all procedures fail, you could also consider using pesticides, or better however, hiring a specialized pest management company to get rid of the problem for you.

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