Get the Basics Right to Make Life Right

Get the Basics Right to Make Life Right

Recently, certain Indian citizens sought online sustain for the abolition of untouchability in India although the untouchability abolition law exists already. Many laws exist in India; the poor implementation is not because of only one group of community. It is fairer to say that the contributing factor is the overall moral deficit making the system rotten.

In this same vein, it is observed that the recent downturn in finance and economy in the west can be credited to the decline in the overall moral fibre that had been admired by all as built upon strong foundation of principles and ethics. Today, the basics in the west are disappearing. For example, a family unit as meaningful sustain system has disappeared and has been replaced by the state welfare institutions under an ultra modern welfare state. In the wake of economic crisis, these institutions dwindled now from shortagen of resources and are hurting the people who cannot help but blame the faltering institutions. In other words, the basic sustain system from family unit as the chief foundation of love and care are disappearing in the western culture and society. The substitutes were alright so long as the state could managed the expenses, the moment the state ran into crisis, these trusted institutions are seen as betraying the hopes and dreams of the people.

With dwindling welfare institutions, the aged have nowhere to go, unloved relationships aggravate social problems and children are left abandoned. I mirror on this thought and found immense truth in the destruction of the basic social units these days which is also happening in developing countries little by little. With shortage of money, the institutions that carry out most of the basic family dominant roles of care and love have become uncaring and unloving making citizens very bitter.

Getting bitter will not help; ‘getting the basics right’ is the meaningful to turn around life, to rekindle love and care for the old parents, and making the irresponsible parents more responsible by spending more time with the children in order to make them grow into wholesome beings, to make an unloving husband love the wife and vice versa. Most important basics are patience and understanding, to build love instead of jumping into sudden ending of relationship on unimportant issues. Yes, getting these basics right could make the wrong right and heal the wounds to permit individuals to rule a happier, longer and simpler loving life in a close-knit family. The family unit exists to protect and nurture emotions against any form of external violence in the system.

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