Free Conference Calls on Offer As Part of Business Telecoms Software U…

In addition to the existing conference call facility, which allows a user to start a conference call from a third-party client – for example by an moment messaging service – by inviting other users and clients, version 4.4.12 lets them also set up a conference bridge. This characterize gives the user the capability to set up a virtual meeting room at a pre-determined date and time.

During the allotted time slot, anyone accessing the meeting room can acquire an automatically generated code from the system, will allow them to participate in the conference call.

Non-VOIspeed users can also get access to the meeting room, by entering an access code via the software’s existing interactive voice response facility. Users of St Albans, Hertfordshire-based VOIspeed voice over internet phones now also have the option of an online soft client application which has been claimed to enhance the usability of their phones. VOIP phone users can now access a web-based application, which lets them view lists of their calls and texts sent via the service.

Another new characterize in VOIspeed 4.4.12 which the company has designed to popularity to the more technically minded, is the inclusion of G729 codec, the voice compression algorithm which is becoming widely seen in the telecoms industry as a way of enhancing VoIP sound quality and optimising bandwidth usage on VOIP calls.

Launching the latest version of his company’s flagship software product, Giuseppe Venturini, Managing Director of VOIspeed said that he hoped users would enjoy the enhanced facilities of the new package, which had largely come about as a consequence of discussions with VOIspeed users over what new features would best meet their requirements.

The company would continue its quest to incorporate its knowledge of cutting-edge technical developments in its software releases planned for the future, he additional. VOIspeed was established in 2003, and develops and sells its own IP PBX software package and proprietary telephony hardware, via distributors and third-party sellers. Its products are in use in businesses and call centres of all sizes worldwide.

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