Forex Miracle Trading Software – Online Forex Trading With 91.72% of Winning Trades

Forex Miracle Trading Software – Online Forex Trading With 91.72% of Winning Trades

The Forex Miracle is a system which is developed by two Forex geeks named John Kaplan and Kevin Hansen. Kevin Hansen is the guy who developed the “Universal Pip” computer forex trading form, while being contracted to FXL Capital Management. Although Kevin had signed a non-disclosure agreement with FXL Capital Management, he started a new Forex project after being bored and jobless – but very wealthy – for a few months.

He developed a Forex expert advisor capable of running on any home workstation and specialised in turning small accounts in big lumps of cash with online Forex trading.

The Forex Miracle system is based on technical examination, meaning that the past performance of a money pair is analysed for chart patterns and used to predict the future performance of the money pair. This Forex trading software is regularly looking for a so-called secret chart pattern, one which has a very high chance (up to 91.72%) to breakout, explode and give you a hell of profit (read: lots of PIPs). Miracle will then analyze the charts looking for the best entry point… with the lowest risk to possible reward.

The first test of the Miracle Forex system generated a profit of 112,386.56 $! On the long run, the Forex Miracle system gains an average of 1,257 pips per week per contract, and its users won with 91.72% winning trades over the past year.

Forex Miracle is another robotized Forex trading system which does not ask for any human interference. All that you have got to do is to place order with the brokers. That’s it!

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