Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Cortland Endurance Fly Reel form 599857

Fly Fishing Tackle Review: Cortland Endurance Fly Reel form 599857

If fly fishing is your passion, then no doubt you’re always are looking for ways to enhance both your technique and your tackle. There’s a huge range of fly fishing tackle obtainable, especially on the Internet, so it can be hard to choose what’s best for your particular preferences. Reading reviews is a great way to stay informed. In that spirit, I’d like to proportion my thoughts about a terrific fly fishing reel, the Cortland Endurance fly reel form 599857.


The Cortland Endurance form 599857 fly reel has a clever design that features interchangeable standard and large arbour cassettes. This makes the reel quite versatile for both trout and salmon fishing. It comes with four spools, 2x 7/8 and 2x 9/10, which make the reel a superior value right out of the box. The cassettes are made from a high-strength polycarbonate material. I did a bit of research on polycarbonate and learned that it’s a kind of additional-tough plastic that’s used where security and durability are important, such as in bulletproof windows. This material has a superior weight to strength ratio and is nearly unbreakable. Polycarbonate is also much lighter in weight than other materials in its class, such as acrylic, making it an ideal material to use in fishing reels, where weight and strength are such important considerations.

Features of the Cortland 599857 Fly Reel

Adding to the reel’s light weight is a cast aluminium frame and spool that you’re sure to appreciate during long fishing sessions. The 599857 form has a super-smooth composite centre disc drag and is easy to change for left- or right-handed retrieve. The quick release spool has an exposed rim. When I need a faster retrieve, it’s a simple matter to pop in the large arbour cassette. For maximum backing and line capacity, the standard arbour cassette is perfect. Of course, additional spools are obtainable. The frame features a cast and machined design that’s quite strong, however lightweight, making it one of my favourite fly fishing reels. Finally, the reel comes with an amazing lifetime warranty.

More About the Cortland Endurance Reel

I prefer a centre-mounted drag and this reel doesn’t disappoint with its super-smooth cork composite drag. The drag adjusts easily from ultra-light to complete strength thanks to the slip-resistant polyurethane adjustment knob and manager, so there are no worries using it in cold, wet weather. The angler can apply additional drag by way of the exposed rim. The retaining lever makes it easy to remove and lock the spool to the frame. I particularly like that the disc drag is designed to be audible when line is going out and silent on the retrieve. This reel is 3 1/4 inches in diameter and weight 6.4 ounces with the standard cassette installed. When you have the large arbour cassette affixed, the it weighs just slightly more, 6.7 ounces.

For my money, the Cortland Endurance form 599857 reel is a superior and well-priced piece of fly fishing tackle.

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