Feeling Low? Perk Up with Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel

Spare yourself the knife and perk up with Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel. New from VitalScience, Dermaglow Up-lift is the only product clinically proven to firm and tone your breasts.

The breast is fixed to the thorax by the Cooper’s ligament and it is only supported and given shape by the cutaneous jacket. Whether it’s childbearing, breast-feeding, weight fluctuation, age or simply gravity; a woman’s breasts will ultimately lose its elasticity and firmness and head south. It is for this reason that the ingredient Kigeline is so important.

Kigeline is a phyto-hormone derived from the fruit of the Kigelia Africana tree and acts to prevent the relaxing of skin tissue while increasing firmness and tension. Phyto-hormones are plant chemicals remarkably similar to human hormone secretions. They are high in bioflavonoids and they contain effective antioxidants. Scientific investigations have confirmed that the flavanoids and phyto hormones contained in the flesh of the fruit are responsible for the toning effect because of their hormone-like qualities. Clinical results on the firming similarities of kigeline have been achieved at 5% concentration; Dermaglow Up-lift Breast Firming Gel is the only breast product on the market with 5% kigeline.

Other elements include Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, which is anti-inflammatory and contributes the growth of healthy cells. basic oils of Rosemary and Fennel stimulate circulation and have toning similarities. Geranium basic oil calms and soothes while myrtle tones. Finally, Rose Wood basic oil acts as a tissue regenerator and cellular stimulant. Together these elements make for an aromatic and sensuous experience that is as pampering as it is uplifting.

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