Feeling Cursed? How to Get Rid of Bad Mojo With Do It Yourself Techniq…

Feeling Cursed? How to Get Rid of Bad Mojo With Do It Yourself Techniq…

Some days can be challenging, but if you’re having more downs then ups in a 3 week period, the odds are that stale or “negative” energies are present, blocking you from accomplishing the little things in life. Gone unchecked all that negativity can fester and begin to manifest situations worse than the unexplainable break down of a household appliance! The signs of evil eye or spiritual work being done against you are pretty much what you’d expect:

Nightmares (especially recurring ones), feeling drained, depression, paranoia, financial problems, unsettling vibes in the house, hostility towards/from loved ones, being accident inclined more than usual, restlessness, generalized discomfort. Sometimes you’ll find yourself reflecting on every embarrassing moment you’ve ever felt in life just about short of waking up in the morning with your hair nevertheless attached to the pillow!

The most shared form of spiritual attack is indeed the “Evil Eye”, and it is also the easiest form of malice to function because you don’t have to be a card carrying witch in order to use it!

There are varying degrees of evil eye attacks…the most feared being the dreaded Mal’occhio. Not everyone can perform this version of the operation proficiently, and a would-be witch would have to be thoroughly and competently trained to administer it. Bearing this in mind I stand from my experience that it is the shared jealousy bug that most of us have to deal with.

How it works is simple: thought creates and directs energy!

If your thoughts are emotionally and willfully concentrated enough on an event to happen, good or bad, that reality will seek to manifest itself!

It also works towards the effectiveness of the curse. In other words, if you believe you are cursed, or that some one you know has “rooted” you or given you the evil eye, too much attention will lend the negative energy an additional hand in overpowering you, ultimately beating you down (or at it’s worst stop, taking you out!). As dangerous as these episodes can be, there are ways of eliminating most, if not all of, negative energies being directed at you from the occasional stink eye!

The first step in combating green eye jealously is considering the source, and steering clear of that person or group, as in not involving yourself in their life, more particularly their PROBLEMS! You may have to go as far as to delete some folks from your favorite social network’s friends list! I speak of the folks who call you every 5 minutes complaining miserably about how everything is wrong in their life and how fortunate you are that everything comes to you easy (Yeah, you can almost hear it in their voice!).

The next step I would recommend would be the 3C’s… Cleanse, Cleanse, and CLEANSE!


Cleanse your self by taking a bath in Holy Water or Sea Salt, for at the minimum 7 consecutive days. There are many things you can add to the bath water to rid yourself of evil influences, but here we are going to stick by the basics. Sea Salt is freely obtainable at most dollar stores these days, but if you don’t have it at the ready, Kosher Salt, or at the very least, table salt will do.


After you cast a handful of salt into the bath water, I suggest reciting a prayer of protection according to your religious belief system. Psalm 23 is great for this, but already making a prayer from your heart in your own words is excellent!


Burn incense throughout your house, these can be of the stick variety found at most dollar stores or Wal-Mart. Sage is good for this, but you can use any floral scent such as rose, or a woody scent like sandalwood. Both of these are traditionally used to create holy spaces and to “lift” vibrations in a room. It’s also a keen idea to crack at the minimum 1 window or door in each room to “give chase to the evil” and speedily rid it out of your house.


Rearranging a few rooms in the house, chiefly the living room and bedroom, is said to help “confuse evil from returning to whence it was kept”. A good mop job with a bucket of water with ammonia (failing this, a combination of water, white vinegar and salt with a squeeze of lemon juice) by the house is STRONGLY suggested while you are burning your incense. This is of great value especially if the jealous bug has been in your house recently, attempting to drain you out of conversation in addition as a pot of coffee!

Start from the TOP most floor of the house and work DOWN from the BACK of the house to the FRONT door. If you have rugs or carpets by the house, simply fill a dollar store spray bottle with your mop water and mist the areas that you cannot mop. Let the mist sit in the carpeted areas for about 15 minutes, then run your vacuum over it. After you vacuum, empty the vacuum bag or container outside of your house into a garbage bag. Your left over mop water should be poured down the toilet. You can also wipe down flat surfaces, like counter tops and tables using the spray bottle method.

The last thing you should do is follow up with burning a white candle, with the names of your family members carved in it, anointed with olive oil. This should be burned for at the minimum 7 days after you’ve started your cleansing project. If your candle burns completely out before the 7 days are up, simply anoint another one and light in it’s place!

As a matter of fact, I would make it a habit of burning white candles at the minimum once a month for spiritual protection.

Speaking in matters of protection, my next article will follow by with evil eye prevention as we construct a charm or “mojo” bag tuned up for personal psychic protection!

If you continue to have issues beyond 2 weeks after performing your cleansing, I suggest that you consult with an experienced spiritualist or magick practitioner to be sure that there isn’t extreme magickal practices being directed against you or your loved ones.

That’s all for now, gang! I’ll be sharing more information in the coming weeks!

Health and Spirit!

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