Esoteric Sexual Secrets

Esoteric Sexual Secrets


There are many people who write about sex slaves on the plantation and it surely did exist but it was also the norm in Europe for many centuries. The Polos were not the first who went off to get the prized Tartar women who fetched a large multiple over ordinary men slaves. The Church was complete of reprobates using concubines and producing children that sometimes were harvested for their useful ritualistic elements. Josephine (Rose per the next author) had a family with a long history of such things.

“More concrete were the queries about the paternity of many of the mulatto women who worked in the house, like Rose’s nurse, Marion. Was she fathered by Blanque, the overseer? Grandfather de Sannois? Joseph? {Her father.} Or some other white man from some other plantation? There was little doubt about the paternal identity of the pretty mulatto slave Euphémie, who ultimately accompanied Rose to Paris: it was widely accepted that she was the illegitimate daughter of Joseph de La Pagerie.” (3)

There is little doubt as to the fact of Josephine having been ‘apolitically’ inclined and in addition her having been doing the networking that spies must do. The ‘apolitical’ character of the Physiocrats headed by Pierre Dupont de Nemours in the political arena is not truly ‘apolitical’ at all but it is expressed in their slogan ‘the government that governs best is the one that governs least’. This Royal intrigue had been started with John Locke and Adam Smith with the backing of the Stuart (Hibernian) Royal Society whose membership often provided the leadership for Paris’s Priory of Sion. Some of those leaders include Sir Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle and Robert Fludd. It is easy to demonstrate the need for this Enlightenment did exist in all areas of science and society but the secrecy has been maintained beyond its usefulness as I see it. Let us return to our Stuart biographer and contemplate a time when Josephine’s husband was a General in the Revolutionary Army.

“During this frightening period, Rose spent much of her time, according to her friend Mme. de Rémusat, ‘busying herself with helping as many people as possible and although her reputation for conduct is questionable, that of her sweetness, her grace and the gentleness of her manner is not’. She had learned to be a skilful networker. by her husband she had attained access to revolutionary circles, and her own background as both a Creole and an aristocrat gave her access to their {Whose enemies?}enemies. {We must not forget that her half-sister was with her as a slave and the freedom France gave slaves during this period would have made her half-sister a valuable source in addition.} Armed with her own distinctive physical charms and her opportunistically apolitical attitude, she was able to navigate the maze of drastic revolutionaries, Bourbon spies, foreign visitors, financiers and Caribbean lobbyists, picking up friends, flirtations and useful contacts along the way.” (4)

Voudou Influences:

The practice of Voudou or Voodoo is derivative of the Orisha worship of the Yoruba pantheon of spirits established in Africa. It had been part of the Ptolemaic knowledge before they came to America with Juba II during early Roman Empire days. African people had been coming to the Americas for at the minimum the 60,000 years shown by archaeology in South America. In fact it is possible that this started about 2,000,000 years ago and the lice research that shows a divergence around 1,800,000 years ago fits with that.

The Dream Dancer’s art of Africa can nevertheless be seen in a lot of locales. It is easy to imagine this ecstatic art has not changed a great deal since man started to walk upright if not before that. The Catholic Church alternation and allowed people of the Caribbean to call themselves Santerian Catholics already though there was little actual belief or ritual changes in their daily life. Josephine clearly had a lot of Voudou influence. What might she have used this to unprotected to in the beguiling arts? Some of the great success she is said to have had with men can be credited to the use of esoteric techniques for certain. Here are some of the things I think she would have been ale to do.

Possess a person astrally, this could be a simple attunement or viewing and it could already include psychic sex. The use of drugs to prolong erection is obvious but it would have made her a most successful confidante and courtesan. It is best given without the knowledge of the recipient in their tea. We know that all the young women she would have been in school with were highly sought after and in addition she seemingly was already more adept. Perhaps her father taught her. He is an acknowledged rake or sexual expert as were others in her ancestry. Gurdjieff was able to breath a specific way and project an energy to a woman he had never been introduced to and cause them to wish to have sex to the point of losing self control. I have had some experience with these arts and there are others that would also have made her most alluring.

One of the ‘flat bottom girls’ of the Creole vicinity of Louisiana that I knew had total sensory ingemination. For men who are into enjoying giving pleasure this is a powerful attribute for a woman to have. It would be surprising to me if Marie-Rose (Josephine) did not have this tool or La Petite Mort. George Hamilton talks about playing a woman like a violin and I certainly played the whole orchestra with this lady. I would have her remember or ingemination the past tryst when I might have brought her to orgasm by sucking on the psychic point on the upper arm while I was working the nether regions of her female anatomy. I could switch places and work four or five areas while achieving ‘withholds’ and increasing of experience in all of her ‘spots’ and it was doubled by her memory of the time I had worked the lesser erotic points working with knowledge from acupuncture and shiatsu or reflexology.


“The advice was written at the end of the Second World War by one of MI5’s most successful agent runners, Maxwell Knight, the real-life form for the spy chief M in Fleming’s James Bond novels.

During the war, Knight headed MI5’s M/S section, which was involved in recruiting agents to infiltrate Nazi spy rings operating in Britain. And like his fictional style, he did not approve of 007-style tendencies in combining the serious business of espionage with liaisons of a more amorous kind – especially where women were concerned.

‘It is important to stress that I am no believer in what might be described as Mata Hari methods,” he wrote, in a reference to the First World War spy, better known for her many lovers than any feat of spycraft.

I am convinced that more information has been obtained by women agents by keeping out of the arms of the man, then {sic} was ever obtained by sinking too willingly into them.

For it is unfortunately the case that if a man is physically but casually interested in a woman, he will very speedily lose interest in her once his immediate object is attained; while, if he can come to rely upon the woman more for her qualities of companionship and sympathy, than merely those of physical satisfaction, the enterprise will last longer.'” (5)

Maxwell is not too ‘smart’ methinks. I am sorry for the pun on Maxwell Smart of the series I Spy. truly I am sure this is another case of journalism not being capable of asking the right questions. Yes, it is important not to merely flaunt one’s beauty to all comers as Socrates made clear a long time ago in reference to Sophists. That does not average that the spy agencies of the Merovingian/Templar/Rothschild and elites who became the nations we now have are not always able to hypnotize and that they do not also aim their agents to counteract such techniques. Ian Fleming was a member of MI 6’s Anti-Hitler Psychic Squad as I have demonstrated in great detail in other books. Many of his movies (And La Femme Nikita.) show clear evidence of this training.

Cleopatra Was Better:

One of the esoteric arts I did not mention above is a mesmeric voice. I have studied this well. Enemies of Cleopatra are on record as saying she had this gift and there are many who appreciated the rest of her ‘gifts’. She was an alchemist and the definitive book on her by Lucy Hughes-Hallett makes this clear already though that author does not explain what an alchemist really is. In fact many ministers of various religions and adepthoods use a form of hypnosis to entrance their sexual conquests or as part of what they call healing. Sai Baba of Hindu fame is currently under attack for just this kind of thing. I also know Cleopatra wrote extensive treatises on cosmetics and other alchemical techniques just as Miriam (Mery-taten or the sister of Moses/Akhenaten) of the Bible wrote an extent piece on ‘the whitening of the Stone’.


This is a small explanation of one of the greatest techniques or gifts you can have. It is about a woman who became my second wife.

Barbi was studying the Tarot and had demonstrated a great ‘gift’ for it. Her Empathic qualities are probably related to the early life place where she went to escape from her sexually abusive grandfather mentioned in the poem Life is a Fantasy.

When we made LOVE she regularly ‘blacked out’ during orgasm and would ‘come to’ having an orgasm nevertheless. I would sometimes go with her consciously and often would change locaiongs. This uncommon sexual ‘attunement’ is called La Petite Mort or ‘the little death’.

I heard a sex ‘expert’ on TV say it was only experienced by one out of a million people. She was not able to consciously recollect her experience while ‘blacked out’ and I would have to help her sense what it was. This also helped her with her self-esteem issues. She later joined ‘The Builders of the Adytium’ harmonies course on the Tarot slightly because of something else that happened this day. The ‘Builders’ are one of the feeder organizations in the Rosicrucian hierarchy. This hierarchy is nevertheless the subject of research for me, but at that time I already knew they aspired to be alchemists and were a Christian mystery school.

Empathy is much more than the kind of listening technique covered by Steven Covey in Seven Steps or already walking a mile in another’s moccasins. It is part of how people can heal each other.


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