Enrique Avilez Sculptor, The Fantasy of Art and Business

Perfection, Philosophical, Passionate. These are some of the words that help describe Enrique Avilez, sculptor in Ensenada. Someone asked him when he knows a piece is done. The answer was “When I see the light”.

Born in El Sauzal, Enrique went on to say there were no art schools locally when he was growing up in Baja. He trained in Phoenix, Monterrey, and Guadalajara. Only in his early 40’s I mentioned he might evolve in two decades. He thoughtfully pondered this question as he was fine tuning a piece in his studio in the Rivieria. The Rivieria is a former casino across from Cearte that is now a multi use facility. He further explained that he believes that business and art are fantasies. That both are permanent states that are produced and can be destroyed.

He started out as a painter 25 years ago, using acrylics. For portraits he used oil so the layers could be put down and the image worked until it was perfected.

He lights up when providing his favorite masters: Leonard DaVinci, Auguste Rodin and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. He also reveres Iké Udé, Nigerian born photographer. Other inspirations come from aRUDE, a cutting edge art magazine. He has work in the Agora Gallery in Chelsea, NY in addition as Brea near Los Angeles. Jan Murdoch, art promoter in LA represents him. His favorite Mexican artists are José Clemente Orozco, a political muralist, and modern artist Ernesto Muñoz Acosta.

He spent six months in NYC in 2009, meeting such people as the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, who introduced him to many connections. He is also well known in Ensenada, working to provide art for everyone to enjoy, such as his torso in front of Cearte.

Showing us how he works, he starts with a picture from a magazine or a sketch, working the concepts from the inside out. Putting the bones on a photograph, then overlaying the muscles to get the complete structure. His favorite models are voluptuous and sensuous. He does prefers not to allow anyone to see a work that is not completed as he does not want the outside influences which might change his piece.

He teaches small classes, but one has to be qualified, he does not work with beginners. Three doctors are in his progressive class. One of them is a plastic surgeon in his fifties who is doing a fine piece of art. Enrique explains that teaching is not his true passion, creating a work of art is.

His sculptures can be viewed at Polo’s gallery in Rosarito.

Enrique Avilez, master sculptor, sees the light and uses it to create poetic sculptures to create beauty for as long as they last.

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