Edward Leedskalnin and the Castle Mystery

Edward Leedskalnin and the Castle Mystery

Egypt has seemed very mysterious to people, and it will most likely keep so – at the minimum until someone convincingly recreates the great pyramid, and every fragment of the language is fully understood.

Edward Leedskalnin, builder of the Floridian Coral Castle, claimed to know how the great pyramid was constructed. In fact, Leedskalnin says that he built Coral Castle using this very secret. In his youth, Ed was sickly, and would often stay indoors to read books while other kids were playing outside. Is it possible that he figured out how to levitate huge stones by employing magnetism in a however to be discovered way?

Some people say that his grandfather was an inspiration in this respect, and that Ed may have been given special information handed down to him – information that contained the secret of the great pyramid builders in Egypt.

After moving to Florida from Latvia, Ed miraculously cured himself of what was prescribed by his doctor as ‘terminal tuberculosis’. People claimed that he did this with a circular rock formation and a wooden pyramid. He would lie under the pyramid in the sun every day for a associate of hours, and after a while, he returned to his doctor to confirm that he had in fact been healed!

After he died, people examining the location realized that Leedskalnin left a treasure map and a pile of cash in a hole in the ground. The location of the treasure map is now unknown, and is probably long gone, lost to time. Did Edward Leedskalnin rediscover the secrets of the ancient builders, or was he just an eccentric individual seeking to do something noticable?

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