eBusiness Development – 5 Cheap Immediate Action Items For an Immediat…

Want to learn how to talk to the complete world by voice and video, get in front of millions of possible customers, offer your goods or service to clients anywhere in the world and mange your business from your PDA all for free? Below are 5 easy tips to unprotected to the following:

1 – Build a Web-based database – You need to somehow collect data from your customers, vendors, partners and stakeholders in a web-based ecosystem. Why in a web-ecosystem? So you can access it from your PDA or any web-connected device whenever you need it. Don’t ‘ask’ them for this information, rather create a new service (enewsletter service, e-rewards program, sales promotion or event registration) which would require registration. Capturing the data on the web method more statistics, reports and numbers to easily manage your business from anywhere in the world. A custom-cut database may cost some money, but in exchange for free and unlimited access to all data related to your business from anywhere in the world it will be well worth it.


2- Web-permit customer service – Remove the burden on your staff responding to excessive emails and telephone calls.   Work with an eBusiness developer on a ticketing system to have clients send urgent requests to a team of individuals instead of an email or phone call to one person.  Additionally, devise the ticketing system so clients can see position updates to each ticket on their own instead of having to bother you guys all the time – believe it or not, they would rather have requests taken care of than emailing you.  The ticketing system may have a cost, but do a cost-savings examination after 30 days and measure time savings with respect to ticketing cost and you will be ‘earning’ money back each month. Not to mention keeping customers happy.


3 -Offer goods and sets online – Just because you don’t sell books or airline tickets doesn’t average you can’t be ‘bought’ online. Use the web to increase your customer base. Service providers such as lawyers and accountants can easily make their sets obtainable to the complete globe via video conferencing – just as good as a confront-to-confront right from your office. Tools such as Skype make this service free to try and see how it works with very little cost to setup – just a webcam which most computers these days come with. Speaking of Skype……


4-Use Voice-over-IP Technology (VOIP) for conference calls instead of a special line – Connect staff/clients in the office with a Skype messenger account. Skype-to-Skype calls are free. Most importantly, Skype calls from the computer to an unlimited amount of cell phones, offices or landlines throughout North America can be as little as $40 per year! This method you can easily have a conference call with your office in Montreal, a sales rep on the road with his cell phone and a client based in Los Angeles at no cost! Who needs a fancy call-in system or conference call line?


 5-Turn “Social” Networking into “$ocial” Networking – Surely you’ve heard of mega communities such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter that can connect you to all the contacts in your life on an intimate level. Use existing social networking and mass contribution sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter to proportion immediate useful information on your craft (be it tips to enhance your tennis game if you are a tennis coach, advice on how to deal with new tax legislation if you are a CPA or a tour schedule if you are an aspiring musician) to anyone interested. You can also broadcast ‘how-to’ lectures for the world to see on YouTube and proportion these links throughout your “$ocial” network who in turn can proportion it with other people. This is incredibly important. Why is it important? The more information and help you can give your clients the better. clearly, the more people that see, read or hear your information method the greater probability for customers.  Did I mention that sites such as Facebook and YouTube are thoroughly free? What are you waiting for?!

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