Don’t Wait Another Moment! Eliminate Electric Bills, Go Off Grid, Own …

Don’t Wait Another Moment! Eliminate Electric Bills, Go Off Grid, Own …

There are basically two kinds of “home made energy”. The most shared which is widely used today can be broken down into two basic categories – solar and wind. We all know this and I’ll bet we’ve all heard about the 1000’s of dollars it cost to have one installed in our home. And a lot of us have seen some of these enormous windmill towers or solar panels that take up a lot of space.

These days are over as far as either of these “green” energy producers are concerned when it comes to size and cost for a single residential home or small business. There are the wind powered kind that can be put right on your roof, and solar panels that you don’t need huge amounts of area to heat or strength your home. And both can be put together with parts that are shared in a hardware store for about $200.

The other kind of “home made energy” comes from what has become known as “free energy” or “zero point energy” and is a little more controversial than the solar/wind branch. This kind uses magnets and a battery used only to start the machine and can produce more energy than it uses. Because what is claimed with this kind is that it is a “perpetual motion” generator that produces the energy.

Here’s where it gets controversial – because others claim that there is no such thing as a “perpetual motion” machine and that is because the laws of physics, they say, prohibit such a machine to exist. BUT, there was also a time in the not too distant past when these same people, using the same laws, also told us that it was impossible for a helicopter to be able to fly.

Why would anybody want to this to save a few dollars a month? I’ve got a few reasons for you:

  • The rising cost of electricity. With today’s economy with the loss of jobs and income for a lot of people, with no way to pay, you can eliminate one bill altogether = the electric bill.
  • If some of the hypothesizedv bills in Washington become law, i.e. “Cap and Trade”, it is very possible and already probable that the cost of your home energy will jump once again.
  • If you make and install these DIY projects and decide to stay on the grid, and your solar/wind/free energy machine produces enough it can spin your meter backwards in which case the strength company has to pay you the difference.
  • And when you have the know how why would you not want to take that knowledge and sell your sets to your neighborhood? In other words, start your own business.

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